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The triangle: Modernity, Values & Qalb

To understand this article you may need to read-up on Modernity, Values and Qalb. Please read them in the order that follows below, thankyou.

Read about Qalb here
Read about Values here
Read about Modernity here

The relation of these three is given here

A diseased Qalb is an internal problem whereas Modernity and Values are external problems; these afflict us from without. These make 3 points on a triangle.

To gain stability one approach would be to tackle each point on the triangle; so that with each point conquered you experience less volatility.

To show you how all three relate with one another I present this analogy: The Qalb is how you 'see' ahead of you. If you can't see you are BLIND. Modernity makes the ground on which you stand so shaky that you are always dis-balanced. These two combined create this problem: some body who is blind won't have much time or attention to give to fixing his 'blindness' since the very ground he is standing on is shaking he's always busy trying to find his balance.

Enter topsy turvey values and: A barrage of malevolent intent as in Dubai [perpetuated owing to people with corrupt values] and without the Qalb to assist you; one can be a sitting duck exposed to His wrath if you start to do wrong.

And in all this there are those who still do right. :)

Note however that there are more positive things happening in this world than negative. And that is why we continue to exist. Elaboration below...

By definition because I Exist; more things are affirming than negating me. Faraz, remove focus from the minutiae I regret. So I may begin to see the ACTUAL picture! For even through the worst moments something, by implication of my being present NOW, must have affirmed me! Alhamdollilah.

Also note that the human race is undergoing a gradual progression since the time of our Prophet SAW [at least] and no one hath power to change this fate. This you can see by the fact that since his time till now, the brutality that's accepted by the average global citizen has much lower threshold. At that time cutting of hands and slavery were still acceptable. Ask the average global citizen what he thinks of them now and unanimously you will get an agreement that these are unacceptable. In this sense our sensibilities as a race have risen.

The global system despite the flaws I pointed out [which hurdles overcome shall speed our progress as human race; i.e. the cultural norms we accept unanimously] has more good to it than bad. This is why it still hasn't completely collapsed.

Read about this more elaborately here.


  1. Suggestion, if I may please :)

    This post, when I read it, went -WHOOSH- right over my head.

    Then I read the three links to 'Qalb, Values and Modernity' , in that order. Then I came back and read this again.

    What stood out were the words, ''some body who is blind won't have much time or attention to give to fixing his 'blindness' since the very ground he is standing on is shaking he's always busy trying to find his balance.''

    That bit was profound, and in all entirety, the post pretty prolific, but only after I read the other three links.

    Herein comes my suggestion, that you put the links up on top before the actual read here. Would be more affective methinks! :)


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