Thursday, January 21, 2010

The butterfly and the fly

Butterfly: And I am the voice inside your head that speaks to you of goodness and commands you like the angels of God are commanded.

Fly: Lo, I am the voice that speaks to you of a bickering and I confuse you so at times I put you to fight.

Me: But the voices in my head can they be compartmentalized; a good apart from the bad?

Yes they answered and the division is as sharp as between fresh water and spilled oil that is on top.

Me: But beautiful butterfly you come so seldom; You have left me to be attended by the fly, so I am in it's company always. Why do you do so?

Butterfly: if you keep yourself in muck then flies will come and it cannot be any other way!

Me: and what is the muck, how would I know?

Fly: the muck is a thing that engages your attention into a thousand parts; and it keeps it from staying WHOLE.

So with your attention divided you are weak and I the voice of your ego gain in strength.

I become the voice within that holds a dialog with you about petty issues; and I talk you into conforming against your will; and I put thoughts into you that are antagonistic of others.

These are the three voices in which I speak when I find you in weakness. (the 3 voices of the ego)

Butterfly: If your attention becomes WHOLE again you will be strong and the fly won't dare near.

So when you have rid yourself of all muck you will gain clarity; then I shall whisper to you so you are guided.

Gather your attention so that you can engage everything that comes to you fully.

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  1. Faraz this is fantastic and very well conceived, orchestrated and dramatised.