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Things to do to get a kick

It has now become clear how much time I waste thinking about irrelevant things. And it’s not just me but almost everybody out there! Think about any particular issue you have been wanting to resolve and observe your thoughts. You will see how easily your mind gets distracted. It shows how fickle the mind is. [Point to think about: Is this how fickle we are?]

Now our mind is quite fickle and to solve any problem it is natural that we have to focus it. Think of an exam for example. Our thoughts are ‘quite’ focused then!

An interesting technique I realized was: If I were to commit to a mental exercise say ‘learning words’ and I kept at the task irrespective of any distractions soon I’d focus my mind. Apart from learning words I think this is a beautiful way to silence the mind!

[I have to try out another technique: Pick up the pace at which I ‘learn’ these words. I want to see how acute I can make my focus.]

Just like we have the mental dimension on which we can focus ourselves there is also…