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Video: A short cut to higher consciousness

To understand the benefits read the post titled: "A function of poetry and a view of the 7th valley in the tale of the seh-morgh".

Clearly the strength one can derive from Love, by reciprocating it, is priceless and even Oxygen for a person who wants to make this journey of 'waking up'.

An important point to remember though is that: The true nature of everything on this planet even the Pharaoh is Goodness, Purity and Love. The only reason its not there where its not is because in this case the Pharaoh continued in his state of disturbance by suppressing his Consciousness. [This is the miracle of CREATION and a miracle of HUMAN NATURE.]

The good news is that: The process of reaching a higher state of consciousness can be troubling while it happens. But onces its reached the disturbance goes [because you correct yourself] and you become powerful and at the same time more at peace.

Interestingly after achieving a higher state of consciousness you will not be able to do cert…

Video: Sinnerman - Thomas Crown Affair

The song just captivates me! The lyrics are so simple and beautiful.

All on that Day
He ran from the Devil and sought help and refuge with all,
And nobody could help
And he ran yet again
But with none left to turn to he went to his Lord
But his Lord said to him to go face the Devil
And So He went to the Devil and sought Power from his Lord
All on that Day

Video: If you fail try again

A burning desire within always consumes all contradictions and doubt that come its way!
Submit to it! Resist it no more.
Since your desires will be a reflection of the thoughts you keep. Think good!
And spend time in the presence of God - through HIS remembrance!
For this is the key to 'great thoughts'!
For what you think will come your way!
Thus to entertain 'evil thoughts' is a play with fire!
In HIS presence you will have HIS protection!
HE inspires good thoughts.

Recognize the 'Holy' around you so you may find HIM!

So follow your heart and go where you must!

So the flame within will become stronger!

And the daemons you have become friends with will burn away!

And the weak man will go.
The powerful man will take his place.

Video: Learning basic essentials from YouTube

I had to go for an interview and despite being a few months away from my 30th birthday I still did not know how to wear a double knot tie.

I had about 30 minutes to figure it out and no body at home to help me.

So I went on youtube and found this video. I followed the steps and yes I had the perfect double knot necktie just the way I had wanted.

Watching and learning from this video struck me in its similarity to how Trinity downloaded instructions for flying a helicopter [into her mind] from a computer! [from the Matrix Triology]

1. Next I wanted to learn "Moon Walking" and the steps were so simple I got it right the first time. But I need practice to get a smoother 'walk'!

Responsibility and Blame Understood

"Blame" vs. "Responsibility"
By Ramla Akhtar

Know that "blame" is only "responsibility" by a darker name.

They are the same thing. The only difference is whether one is assuming responsibility by themselves, with their free will. Or are they waiting until someone else puts the responsibility on their head -- in which case, it is called "blame".

In other words, is it inside-out (from me to the world) or outside-in (from the world to me)? If I do something I must do, it's responsibility. For instance, I have to make sure that my water tank does not overflow into the street. But if I ignore to do something that I have to do anyway, and someone reminds me.... it may become a blame. For instance, a neighbor can knock my door and say, "The water from your tank is flooding the street."

It is decent at that point to still see it as a responsibility. But those with weak character -- that is, a character that does not have awareness and…

Fundamentals of Humor

The goal of humor is to make the audience laugh. I show how a basic joke that aims at producing laughter is made of specific building blocks. Here I also talk about varying style to produce different kinds of humor. This is shown diagrammatically. The material for the post comes mostly from an online Google book by the author Mary Ann Rishe titled “Writing Humor: Creativity and the comic mind”.

Laughter is a pleasurable physical response we experience as we respond to humor. Emotion builds in the body and then, because it can't be reabsorbed by the brain as quickly as cognition, it erupts as "excess energy". [Thus it is a physiological response to a stimulus].

Our goal is to create this "excess energy" in the audience. To understand how let's turn to the definition of humor.

Humor Defined
"Humor is playful incongruity that contains a tension between two levels of meaning followed by a clash of sufficient complexity that surprises and delights and that …

The only choice we really have

A 2 year old child quite naturally acts appropriately. But for an adult this does not remain easy in fact a choice is introduced. He may act appropriately or may not act appropriately and this choice eventually determines his quality of life.

This is the only real choice he has for all else follows. Let's see how this is so.

2 year olds act appropriate to their age. They don’t think of what to do they just do it. Unfortunately they don't have a highly developed level of consciousness and so it is easy for them to follow to the letter whatever their consciousness tells them. Naturally because of this [i.e. a limited consciousness] they are vulnerable to the world more than an adult.

Adults over the years through experience and observation develop a higher form of consciousness of the world around them. This is why they can protect themselves from danger. Inevitably to protect themselves from danger they have developed a sense that warns them of danger - much like how Spiderman…


By Etsko (Ebrahim) Schuitema

Allah has not made us to be socially useful, He has made us to worship Him. Worship means that our fascination is with His attributes, that we regard Him as Significant, and that we recognize that all that is good and beneficial in our lives comes from Him and all that is harmful comes from ourselves. Being worshipful means to understand that we are fundamentally unable to be useful to either ourselves or others, and that when things go right and succeed it is because He made it so. In so far as we have been designed to the end of being worshipful, it means that this capacity to act unconditionally and leave the outcomes to Him is the highest aspect of our nature. The deen is a vehicle to establish this transformation of being fascinated with our selves, our own consequence and significance to being enthralled with Him and His Significance.

The community that we are in ideally provides a context in which this tran…

How to make sense of the universe in terms of energy

I have tried to extend my understanding of energy to understand and relate all the phenomena I know.

Energy is of different kinds and can exhibit at different levels. I call these ‘kinds’ differing frequencies.

Now we operate at different frequencies at different times - for example:
1. Each mood represents a different frequency
2. When we do something brave we have a different frequency
3. When we cheat somebody or think ill of somebody we have a different frequency
4. When we work hard we have a different frequency
5. When we are lazy we have a different frequency

And these frequencies may exhibit themselves at different levels, such as:
1. Such is the case when we work hard vs. when we give it everything we’ve got
2. When we like somebody vs. when we are in love
3. When we are hesitant vs. when we have a phobia
4. When we have an interest in something vs. when we are passionate about it

The combination of a frequency and its level make a unique state I will call an energy signature. Thus at an…

A function of poetry and a view of the 7th valley in the tale of the seh-morgh

Poetry must have many important functions. If it is good it is sure to create a presence about it that can influence us in powerful ways. In this post I have discussed an important function: how poetry can be a guide to us.

Rudaki was an Iranian poet born in the year 858, in Khorasan, Iran. His many contributions to Persian poetry, nearly 1,300,000 verses, and to Iranian culture have rightly won him the title of the father of Persian Poetry.

One of his most popular verses is:
Booyeh Jooyeh Moulian ayed hamay
Yad ae yaar ae mehrban ayed hamay

"I smell the scent of the River of Moliyan and memories of a kind friend pervade my senses"

In this stanza I find a resonance I would describe as ‘elegant’ [in form], ‘subtle’ [in essence] and 'far reaching' [in its depth].

I imagine the stanza holds within it a presence of the poet. And thus I feel that in relating to the stanza one is able to find a worthy goal which is to seek within our self such a presence.

But what woul…

A story - Why we must discover choices

We must discover new choices for that is the most beautiful part of our journey in this world.

To show this by allegory I have narrated a story from the Animatrix which is a prequel to The Matrix Trilogy.

Background to the Story
1. Machines reason like us and feel like us i.e. they are human but made of metal.
2. Machines are ruling the planet
3. Humans who are free are only in Zion – a small secure place somewhere on Earth

The Story
A group of humans ambush a machine and take him unconscious. Their objective is to find a way to gain control over the machine but unfortunately find that it is a complicated task.

The machine has a reasoning ability like that of humans and so he can't simply be re-programed. Thus they have to find a way to trick him, inevitably choosing between having to kill him or successfully brainwashing him [into willingly help the humans].

And so the group of humans plugs themselves and the machine into a virtual world where they intend to brainwash him.

In the …

Our Cognitive Junk and a short cut through it

Over our lives we learn what to do and how to behave in certain known situations. These ‘ways’ are mental frameworks that we have developed. In psychology these mental frameworks are called schemas. [The advantage of a schema is that it helps us predict a result - but this result can be achieved even without this schema]. At times our schemas also make it difficult to get to a ‘desired’ result. This post suggests a method to get to this desired result by by-passing an incorrect schema and calls such incorrect schemas 'Cognitive Junk'.

A Schema is a mental framework that deals with a situation. For example our schema for eating at a restaurant is the following: we ask for a table, go through the menu, order, enjoy the food, pay the bill and then leave.

We can rely on this schema because we expect the same routine every time.

Schemas make things predictable. They could be used by someone to predict our behavior.

Now the behavior a schema triggers always leads to the same [or nearby…