Thursday, January 28, 2010

What is detachment?

To detach from malevolence is wisdom;
And God's grace is we don't detach from things benign,
since we don't need to
for they give us strength;
so we have a natural tendency to [even gradually]
detach from malevolent situations & malevolence; and to
equally run towards, attach and re-attach with the benign.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Happiness is a state of being connected.

A moment perhaps when you played as a child; fully in-tuned with the game, carefree; A moment where you connected emotionally with what you were doing; enjoying the game; the PEAK of joy; you were there, nowhere else; your mind present & your heart beating as if never wanting the game, that moment to end: is connecting;

And whenever we connect; even now;
To whatever we connect;
the feeling of happiness is revived.

If the work you do gives that connection
Or people around you, give it;
Then you are ideally placed
For you remain needy no more
Hence you are protected from harm; vulnerable no more.

If you can connect with small things; such as
Hobbies like writing; pets, painting,
Or reading even single page; that connects being well written;
Each connection will revive the feeling

But connect with things that stay;
Benign and good things have “permanence”;
Protected; because they provide benefit to all;
Malevolent and vile things are under threat always;
so they wither.

So connect with goodness; and it abounds everywhere,
So always you will remain happy.
That you are not needy of anyone [anymore]
But on Him and His provision.

Understanding Creation

The universe is divided into La and Hayy; La is subject to change whereas Hayy is eternal. Everything that exists even now has a Reality to it; thus it still has an element of Hayy.

if you see the Hayy in things,
you see the Haqiqat in them;
otherwise you are in darkness!

if the Hayy goes,
the Reality goes,
and the thing is annihilated.

and Hayy is the goodness in it [the benign in it]

by affirming the Hayy,
and negating the La;
you increase your chances of survival,
and the chances of survival of the race.

A Note on Power
By negating the La
And affirming the Hayy
You are made powerful,
For you yield power.

Monday, January 25, 2010

To connect with people in society

And what are investments?
They are emotional or other kind of memory,
that DRAG us down.

Everybody has good to them and bad to them;
but the bad is something that keeps them weak;
so it is unsustainable
and subject to change;
for eventually suffering because of it; they change it,
when they find a way!
[thus it is metaphorically an illusion]
The good everybody possess
is not subject to change;
for being beneficial to others
they protect it, by protecting you because of it
and so it stays with you forever.
[thus it is Real]
When we meet somebody,
we may push buttons, that
bring out the bad in them;
or brings out goodness; so we connect with them.
But for us to be ABLE to connect
with them through the good
we first have to deal with the investments we've made,
so we SEE clearly WHAT it is THEY posses;
that IS benign & good in them,
that which is REAL.
And so,
because I have very little investments left;
so I am begining to SEE
the [potent] benign in EVERYBODY
God there is just such tremendous good in EVERYBODY that ought to be recognized!
and they deserve for it to be recognized
always SOMETHING about every body;
and often MANY things!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A fallacy of the awe

Fallacy: To experience awe is an END in itself. Thus we should experience awe for awe's sake only.

Thus a teacher said:
all we may do is to live in awe;
and just be;
But to the implication: "nothing is significant";
I answer:

Reality IS significant
One of THE most prime messages of the prophets was that there is a permanence to our world; thus everything is NOT a subject to time & change; everything connected to the REAL will remain and by virtue of it's connection contributes to the Permanent.

And what is the Permanent?
The Permanent is [only] goodness which is benign for;
everything good that you start will be taken over by Him; so it will be taken over by others who continue it because it is something that creates benefit. Whereas all that you do; that is malevolent is going to be pulverized by others in time for it creates harm; so somebody will work against it and they will succeed.

And only the good that we do;
well, "it is significant"
only because it's effect will somehow not be wiped out in Eternity.

So there is something we are ADDING with each day;
even as we live In awe;
thus awe is NOT for awe's sake only.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The butterfly and the fly

Butterfly: And I am the voice inside your head that speaks to you of goodness and commands you like the angels of God are commanded.

Fly: Lo, I am the voice that speaks to you of a bickering and I confuse you so at times I put you to fight.

Me: But the voices in my head can they be compartmentalized; a good apart from the bad?

Yes they answered and the division is as sharp as between fresh water and spilled oil that is on top.

Me: But beautiful butterfly you come so seldom; You have left me to be attended by the fly, so I am in it's company always. Why do you do so?

Butterfly: if you keep yourself in muck then flies will come and it cannot be any other way!

Me: and what is the muck, how would I know?

Fly: the muck is a thing that engages your attention into a thousand parts; and it keeps it from staying WHOLE.

So with your attention divided you are weak and I the voice of your ego gain in strength.

I become the voice within that holds a dialog with you about petty issues; and I talk you into conforming against your will; and I put thoughts into you that are antagonistic of others.

These are the three voices in which I speak when I find you in weakness. (the 3 voices of the ego)

Butterfly: If your attention becomes WHOLE again you will be strong and the fly won't dare near.

So when you have rid yourself of all muck you will gain clarity; then I shall whisper to you so you are guided.

Gather your attention so that you can engage everything that comes to you fully.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Intent as tool!

Intent is a tool you posses
for worldly success; and salvation,
each person or thing feared
fear cradles, it generates within malevolence!

so take the intent, this malevolence,
and crush it, grind; so you feel the crushing,
the intent strain; till it ceases!

a malevolence crushed, crushes fear
another malevolence crushed, crushes greed
some malevolence crushed, is vile crushed; is weakness, crushed!

so the end of fear;
and the crushing of an intent malevolent,
so turn it into gold and aim for Benign intent;
which intent IS power, so it gives of it
so you may succeed by it,
and enjoy benign beautiful salvation!

Intent as tool: engage each fear I have by crushing a malevolence that maps to it and sits within. In transforming it benign the fear; the problem will go away!

Another psychological tool to ACTUALLY do the above is: "La Hayy"

Which means: "there are no idols that exist" and "only my Lord exits"
Implied: Each fear is a daemon; an idol.
He who is ONE and who is Ultimately REAL, I shall refer back to Him!
thus to what I know to be REAL [if secular] or to God as being [if you believe]

In referring back thus the fear or idol is destroyed each time you remember.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's the point of it all; where's the end?

You, yourself are not the means to an end,
but yourself ARE the end sought;
so He is Lateef,
He has made you to explore, so you relish!
so explore your OWN beauty; the pool of it
hath limited only by time; the hour appointed
so He will MATCH each effort,
Nay He matches with more than you fathom,
such is His Grace,
and the beauty of what He created!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The story of Karbala

The battle of Karbala,
within its intent lies its beauty.

The khalif Yazid was a man,
who was corrupt and thus not bound by the dictates of principles,
instilling these corrupt values into his rule
he desired whatever he willed onto whoever he willed.

He was not free of desire, indeed blinded by it
he did not know of the power of God's men,
those whose actions mirror truth,
whose hearts speak to them of beauty, love, fidelity and other good,
taking those who heed it into God's Grace and into peace.

For the heart rejects misery, depravity, greed, etc.
guiding us helping us find a way out.

Imam Hussain(AS) was a freeman,
who was gifted with such enormous strength,
he could carry out His will,
at odds to an emperor; his entire army.

He fought a battle of freedom,
for men and women who,
under the fist of a tyrannical & whimsical ruler,
subjected to a king's oppression;
who in his vanity and ignorance
did not realize God's principles are always at work;
and he did not believe!

The Imam (AS) showed the Khalif,
and set example till time eternal,
of strength freemen posses,
to de-throne kings,
if the king dare oppress;

And thus propriety and certainty
brought them to the land Karbala,
where they offered a sacrifice of martyrdom, unto their Lord!

Alas in Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions,
were witnessed the highest free men & women,
who having offered martyrdom,
compensated through their lives,
society for the kings tyranny

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The triangle: Modernity, Values & Qalb

To understand this article you may need to read-up on Modernity, Values and Qalb. Please read them in the order that follows below, thankyou.

Read about Qalb here
Read about Values here
Read about Modernity here

The relation of these three is given here

A diseased Qalb is an internal problem whereas Modernity and Values are external problems; these afflict us from without. These make 3 points on a triangle.

To gain stability one approach would be to tackle each point on the triangle; so that with each point conquered you experience less volatility.

To show you how all three relate with one another I present this analogy: The Qalb is how you 'see' ahead of you. If you can't see you are BLIND. Modernity makes the ground on which you stand so shaky that you are always dis-balanced. These two combined create this problem: some body who is blind won't have much time or attention to give to fixing his 'blindness' since the very ground he is standing on is shaking he's always busy trying to find his balance.

Enter topsy turvey values and: A barrage of malevolent intent as in Dubai [perpetuated owing to people with corrupt values] and without the Qalb to assist you; one can be a sitting duck exposed to His wrath if you start to do wrong.

And in all this there are those who still do right. :)

Note however that there are more positive things happening in this world than negative. And that is why we continue to exist. Elaboration below...

By definition because I Exist; more things are affirming than negating me. Faraz, remove focus from the minutiae I regret. So I may begin to see the ACTUAL picture! For even through the worst moments something, by implication of my being present NOW, must have affirmed me! Alhamdollilah.

Also note that the human race is undergoing a gradual progression since the time of our Prophet SAW [at least] and no one hath power to change this fate. This you can see by the fact that since his time till now, the brutality that's accepted by the average global citizen has much lower threshold. At that time cutting of hands and slavery were still acceptable. Ask the average global citizen what he thinks of them now and unanimously you will get an agreement that these are unacceptable. In this sense our sensibilities as a race have risen.

The global system despite the flaws I pointed out [which hurdles overcome shall speed our progress as human race; i.e. the cultural norms we accept unanimously] has more good to it than bad. This is why it still hasn't completely collapsed.

Read about this more elaborately here.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A topsy turvey world

It is literature that affects the consciousness of a people in the most powerful way. Thus it was that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) the messenger of God through the Quran introduced into the human race a consciousness that brought about as a milestone culmination - the Renaissance itself.

In the recent past however a new post-renaissance literature has emerged that is dark and elitist. It is called ‘high literature’.

The difference in character between the former and the latter types of literature is that while the former is popular among the masses the latter is accepted only by the few.

High literature has affected the consciousness of the human race in a tremendous way making our world topsy turvey. Thus it is that in our world we now need to make sense of the esoteric before we can make sense of the exoteric.

However it is interesting that there are groups of people who owing to poverty are isolated from this global mind set and such is the case with a number of villages in the rural areas of Pakistan. Villagers here are illiterate and thus have not been exposed to the modern consciousness.

Interestingly it is because of this reason that they have retained their use of their Qalbs [i.e. they see things simply and clearly and need not arrive at it through the maze of the modern mindset].

The gate keeper to my house is from such a village and he must ‘feel’ and ‘integrate’ within his small world view everything he is exposed to intuitively for he was never trained to compartmentalize an issue and process it only through the analytical mind.

For this group of people then the need to make sense of the esoteric before they can make sense of the exoteric does not exist. That said they still need a body of knowledge with which they can detach if exposed to the modern consciousness and retain their cognitive mode of functioning i.e. a body of knowledge by which they can defend themselves against the modern mindset.

People think that the task to create such content is easy for the audience need not ‘work out’ of a topsy turvey world just defend against it. They think that content catering to the latter goal alone would be simpler to create.

I think it's because of a set of Topsy Turvey values prevalent in our world that make Dubai possible. For the current system allows rampant Zulm which is accepted owing to the promise of economic benefit to the world. This is essentially so because the system is not based on Checking malevolent intent. And all this is true because of the topsy turvey values of the people running the system.