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Another Opening

The first book I ever read was Black Beauty. I remember that by the time I reached the end, i couldn't recall the first half of the book. Recently, I read The Notebook and by the time I got to the end i couldn't help the tears. I am pleasantly surprised to find that a book can be so stirring. Can any of you recommend something that moved you like this?

The Journey as I see it now

The journey is a con when it becomes abstract and an intellectual pursuit. Sometimes a coping strategy and an escape from accepting the pain of a person's current circumstance. The goal of the journey, as I see it now, is for it to deliver us to a point where we can express our feelings openly.

On Disturbing Experiences

I have had a habit of running from 'disguistingish' emotions. These are the ones that feel ugly; even in the slightist if they make my insides churn - i would rather be somewhere else, than face them. This I am sure has made many experiences inaccessible such as - of this I am sure - movies on real life drama. The key to solving this little mystery has been, for one part: gathering up the strength to face them (i.e. the more palatable of these 'disgusting' emotions) and for the second: the realization that experiencing them (gradually in a safe environment such as by reading books or adventuring to face them in real life when and where they come upon you as opposed to immediately shying away from them...) and also associating meaning or context to them transforms that same experience from a disabling one to an enabling one.

What I think of America

For the following reasons I feel America is as close as it gets to a successful model of society:

No one can play God.
It is a fair society with a non-corrupt legal system. One of the biggest implications of this is that if a Muslim business does very well and the powerful Jewish community competes with them, the Jewish community cannot damage the business of the Muslim group using unfair means. Owing to a fair legal system the Muslim business, like Muslim people and just any and everybody can fight for their rights and get them.
Everything is systematic, and therefore reliable. In my work I have to sometimes re-use open source software components from various technologies to build a new software. This is possible for me because I can rely on open source software components to do their part, without having to tamper with them or modify their internal working. Each module is for me a black box that I can reuse as is. In America this is the case with corporate services of every kind. T…