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Building Emotional Muscle Power

The more you want something, the less power you have over it.
If you possess a great car or job for example that draws in your attention and makes you think about it a lot, it will do you harm to the degree that you think about it. In fact the more you think about it the more power it has over you and it is to that degree that it possess you!

The first step to gaining back control is to first build an awareness of the set of things that have control over you. The second step is to create a distance from those things. The less you think about them and the less significance you assign to them, will with the passage of time help you regain control.

Interestingly, this method is valid not just for tangible objects to which you attach yourself but also for intangible objects such as knowledge and social status. Here too, the more distance you create between yourself and the object of attachment the more you will reclaim your power.

On a concluding note I would like to elaborate on the me…

The beautiful world of Linux & OSS

Linux is structured and modular. Owing to its modular nature it is extensible. It can be extended using open source software (OSS) that supports Linux. There are a number of OSS technologies available that cover nearly every domain of Information Technology. These can be integrated to create a bigger solution that use available OSS as building blocks.
Recently I have joined a university where we have deployed their IT infrastructure following the OSS paradigm. You can read about some of the technologies we have deployed there on this link.

The power of good writing

The way writers can make you zone in to their story and take you through an emotional journey is such a powerful ability that they have. Put that together with the magic of movie making and you get a very fulfilling experience.

On that note I was browsing and I found a list of top TV serials:

Two serials I think I am going to like are: