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There is something good about our ego

Having an ego is not all bad and below I share with you the good side to it.

An ego I understand is our identity. So it gives us a scaffolding emerging from the pattern of our habits, thoughts and values. Now this identity might or might not be healthy but it affirms our existence as an individual. While it is important to grow and change by aspiring toward Oneness with the rest of existence it is important to return to this identity. This grounds us and helps in engaging the world using the habits, thoughts and values we have collected. Break a pattern and establish a new pattern but we should be grounded all the time.

So yes the ego is not real because it's changing all the time towards Oneness which is real but to not affirm our ego would mean that we let go of the structure it offers to us and that is very disorienting.

Message in the movie: "Groundhog Day"

All our errant habits are a set of patterns we haven't yet left.
With enough time; all such habits will be purely a bore!
What will be left is what makes us happy.

The things that make us happy are simple things we do for others that are genuinely done; and elicit a genuine and heart felt 'thankyou!'

With eternal time EVERYBODY would learn this lesson.
The test is who learns it in the limited life given to them in this world!

The movie on Wikipedia.

The day hath Opened

The sun is shining down,
its rays settling on these dew drops
that collected through the night.

this morning's full with that pleasant breeze
caressing those red and yellow flower petals,
as it passes by over them

*This was my morning experience after yoga.