Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The day hath Opened

The sun is shining down,
its rays settling on these dew drops
that collected through the night.

this morning's full with that pleasant breeze
caressing those red and yellow flower petals,
as it passes by over them

*This was my morning experience after yoga.


  1. Very, very translucent!
    From whom you have leaned Yoga?
    Moiz Hussain or Wajahat?

  2. It's a group called "Art of Living". They are on facebook and they are in Islamabad also.

  3. This word translucent...I've always liked that word...and that experience...

    And Faraz, I love the way you learn from so many sources and really practice what you learn...and share them with us....

    Quite pleasing and inspiring gifts...