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Eat Pray Love

On her search to get to the end where she finds somebody and falls in love. She finds friends with whom she shares rich moments with. Which helps her to stop dwelling over worries and gradually she learns to start living from the bottom of her heart.
On that note a little about myself and where my journey has brought me: I am among people who have done much better than me in the external world - with their jobs and achievements. I am among people who have done much better than me in the internal world - with their relationships. But if I were to have any more than what I have - I would have a heart attack and die. I am overwhelmed with what He has given to me. Sukar Alhamdollilah

Bol - The Movie

Bol: Pakistan with a heritage of a rich tradition, host to prayers by the millions & mosques by the thousands is at the same time, rampant with corruption, incompetance & abuse in its many forms — a very harsh and cruel reality.

What makes a writer

A writer to me is someone with a collection of words, they carry in their bag of experience – each word symbolic of an entrenched emotional experience. He uses these words to carve another map for himself, each time he attempts to tread further on the terrain of meaning.


The big picture

It occurs to me that as a species our survival is at stake. The evidence of this on the global landscape is the huge armies that are funded and kept, indication that every other country is considered a potential enemy.

This threat that is deeply entrenched in our psyches’ is in proportion to the huge investments we have made not only in the military but in movies, books and the news each time they make us aware how vulnerably placed we are.

It comes naturally to people to relate to such a sense of threat when they experience it in their daily lives from various sources – such as job insecurity, their relationships with people or other sources. All these insecurities stem from one root cause: our failure at realizing we are capable to meet all our needs.
In my opinion the race to survive as a species is related directly to our personal individual struggles and we can contribute to this cause by driving into as many men and women a feeling of security and belief in their own abi…

Insights that have helped me grow

Sherlock Homes presents an inspiring dimension of detective work. Work which by its nature leads the detective to the root of the incident. An alternate dimension of detective work applies the same method to discovering about ourselves.If you desire freedom it is not to be found in getting your rights from people or what you wish them to do for you. Only you can give yourself freedom. By becoming aware and understanding what pushes and pulls you to do what you do.Imagination can have you wear the superman costume and your feelings inside you have you grounded to Mother Earth in the twinkle of an eye.If you decide to do a thing for which you are ready to accept the consequences. However small the decision maybe, if it is yours 100% and you own it completely, it should make you feel a fire course through you.Hard work is priceless specially when it leads us to failure. Because it sets in a purpose, not to give up and the energy to struggle harder.The primary task at hand i…

My Hobbies

There are two areas of work that need our attention. The first being our ability to solve cognitive problems such as we meet at our jobs. The second being our emotional connect with everything around that needs to be heightend; it is this 'connect' that makes the blue sky look beautiful or an ancient story make us shiver, which experiences do not owe to our cognitive problem solving skills.

Once we start we might as well keep raising our abilities, higher & higher.

The survival instinct

The middle class script I grew up with seeded a survival instinct into me like it has into many of us. This comes in handy in struggling our way through difficult times but that drives this instinct deeper.

An interesting consequence of my quest has been becoming aware of an alternate script that has taught me of the untapped potential life has to offer when we experience emotions in their vitality through meaning we find in books, meaning embedded in past experiences and by finding meaning in everyday life!

And so by reading books and submerging myself in work that’s part of my life presently and by reflecting on the day past one hopes to discover and experience these emotions more with each passing day.

So that as one grows stronger and more grounded the older instinct to live a life of survival gradually looses its utility, tunes out and one day leaves us completely.

What the journey means to me

My journey so far has been about discovering the meta rules of how the self works. The essence of what I have learnt is that the self can change and in fact does change every time it undergoes an experience. Where any experience is significant because of the meaning it carries for us. It means something to us by the fact: it changes our feelings from state (state a) to another state (state b). Where this movement between states is a process we can call witnessing.  The exercise of witnessing can be powerful and enriching.  In fact if we could communicate what we have witnessed through poetry or through prose, perhaps with the aid of metaphors, we could share these experiences with our family, friends and with the larger community. 
Thus to go in retrospect and search for meaning in the experiences we have had can help us grow mature, become stronger and make us more aware.


The tar is a delicate sweet instrument. It cuts right through when you feel it play.

My relationship with the Other: a journey of submission

The Other is Immensely Powerful. A consequence of which is inevitably trauma becomes our fate. The unconscious response to trauma i think almost always is to bring back equilibrium by exercising power over the Other. However this is impossible and only brings further humiliation and misery. Consciousness gives us a gift: It makes us aware of this status quo. That: In the face of the All-Mighty there is nothing but surrender to the situation He has us in. In this acceptance is our escape from every situation.

Discomfort that surfaces is our brawl with existence.