Sunday, August 7, 2011



  1. Hello Faraz,

    I'm not able to listen right now but I know this will be interesting...

    Just today I was reading Trickster Travels about a Muslim captured during a crusade yet who ended up being quite an amazing and famous geographer. At one point he describes women completely covered - even black net veil - yet with wonderful scents.

    My ongoing prayer is that your job, family, faith, calling and general well-being is flourishing and transformative. Nice to see you here..

  2. Dear Aunt Connie,

    Alhamdollilah things could not be better. My transformation indeed has brought me far.

    The person in Al Pacino in this clip, is charged with a powerful magnetic energy, that resonates throughout the auditorium as he delivers the speech.

    I hope to get there one day!