Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The big picture

It occurs to me that as a species our survival is at stake. The evidence of this on the global landscape is the huge armies that are funded and kept, indication that every other country is considered a potential enemy.

This threat that is deeply entrenched in our psyches’ is in proportion to the huge investments we have made not only in the military but in movies, books and the news each time they make us aware how vulnerably placed we are.

It comes naturally to people to relate to such a sense of threat when they experience it in their daily lives from various sources – such as job insecurity, their relationships with people or other sources. All these insecurities stem from one root cause: our failure at realizing we are capable to meet all our needs.
In my opinion the race to survive as a species is related directly to our personal individual struggles and we can contribute to this cause by driving into as many men and women a feeling of security and belief in their own abilities.

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  1. Dude.. yet we r mating and reproducing so fast, it won;t be easy fro us to go extinct at this rate. ;)