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What makes me who I am

Our emotions are not who we are just as our thoughts are not who we are. How we choose to respond to them or for that matter not to respond to them is closer to who we are. Our thoughts and emotions do represent us and is how others experience us or for that matter how we experience ourselves. They are a cumulative result of all the choices we have ever made. However, as long as we are alive and thus have the power to choose we also have the power to cancel the impact of all that we have come to be.
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Opinion: Genetic Predisposition Health Tests

"Today, DNA testing involves analyzing multiple genes to determine the risk of developing specific diseases or disorders, with the more common diseases consisting of heart disease and cancer. The results of a genetic test can confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition or help determine a person's chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.

Many of the risks associated with genetic testing involve the emotional, social, or financial consequences of the test results. People may feel angry, depressed, anxious, or guilty about their results. The possibility of genetic discrimination in employment or insurance is also a concern. Other risks include accidental findings—a discovery of some possible problem found while looking for something else."

The critical issue as I see is having to deal with life-long anxiety if one discovers one major illness or another.

-source: Wikipedia

Movie Review: Half Girlfriend (bollywood)

The recent Bollywood movie ‘Half Girlfriend’ is elusive in its title. The title and even the trailer made me expect a cheap thrill or at best a moderately well-done drama, given the odd chance of an exceptionally well written movie. The trailer gives nothing away of the message of the movie.

On the one hand it walks us through a shift the female identity is experiencing in India; pushing against the weight of traditional social norms and values. On the other hand it presents how two people can care about each other so much they can empower each other to disrupt these norms.

The girl who comes from a wealthy dysfunctional family meets a boy from a poor closely-knit home from a village in Bihar. Their encounter takes place at university where he gravitates towards her owing to her prestige and beauty and she to him due to the care he offers and the genuine earnest with which he offers it.

A severe rift unfortunately comes between them and she decides to leave. Heart-broken she marries a…

The Ultimate Trauma

In the aftermath of war, in certain cases, entire communities must have been violated. I don’t know of any incidence in particular but I am sure this horror must be a part of human-kind’s history. Where the men of the community were mostly slaughtered and the women married into the victor’s community. Of such marriages, the majority I presume must have never been able to assimilate, even in cases where the host household made an out-of-the-ordinary effort to be kind to them. However, some of these women must have made the effort to reciprocate despite the weight of their traumas. Five years on or so, in some special cases, their status quo may even have started to feel a bit like home.

I wonder if the personal struggles of any such woman has ever been narrated? In book or even on cinema?

Movie Review: Gone With The Wind

It's about this lady who falls in love with a man whose heart belongs to someone else. The lady never gives up, not even after he gets married.

Anyways, only one other person knows about all this. It just so happens that he loves her. After she sees a lot of devastation owing to the fact that her story is of a time that the civil war is going on in America - she decides to marry this confidant - even though she doesn't give him her heart 

Eventually, even after having a daughter with her, he can't win her over. Towards the last moments of the movie she looses everyone she loves: her sister, her children, they all die

When she turns to her husband in these moments, his last words to her are 'Frankly, my dear I don't give a damn' and that's when she is left with nothing but terror to deal with and no one to be there for her. That's when she realises that it's all gone - gone with the wind.

post note: I later found that it is not her s…


Awareness is a gift from God. Awareness of your surroundings in the moment that you are in. Awareness of your feelings in the moment that you are in. Awareness of what you would like to do in the moment you are in. Bring yourself back, Back to the awareness of what it is to be you.

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