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Heart & Mind are independent

The Qalb is the heart. We use our minds to think but the Qalb can be used to assist it; and what a mighty assistance it is! Alhamdollilah!
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The mind reasons, uses logic and grasps a new idea whenever it comes across one. It can also organize information and connect to previous knowledge we have so that one can make sense of it all. Thus the mind can be thought of as a unique tool that's very good at processing information and retaining knowledge.

This ability and power to process as reasoning engines is something that will Inshallah one day be matched by Grand computer softwares that can think it all. In specific domains such as chess there is already software that can out-think the best human players! [Remember: Chess is a game of the mind]

Our hearts on the other hand use a slightly different faculty to sense or [make sense of things]. They do so by 'feeling'; which is a non-thinking faculty that humans posses. Thus we know in our heart of hearts that peace …

Love articulated

Love overwhelms us
there is an exterme of passion
joint with an extreme of discipline
a most delicate balance indeed
it empowers us
making us unconditional
it burns away our daemons
this true of mother and her babe

My view of the world at present

I think our world is in pretty good shape. This because there is at certain parts of the world competency that has been established and is rewarded by an economic reward system.

Within this economic system we have a subsystem where we may educate ourselves, pursue a career, marry, raise a family, build a house, fulfill our responsbilites as parents, then to our larger families, our society; each time being recongized for a job well done. [For it is in their interest to protect you!]

The one missing element however, in many lives, is spiritual education. This is something organized religion should be doing, but instead is taken up by Fakirs and Sufis who teach the basics such as perhaps 'Intro to Love 100'. [An important milestone being we must reach the switch from feeling victimized at all times, to - the universe is benign and we a welcome friend - that it is in fact in the interest of others to protect us!]

Many people who have worked very hard and accomplished much suffer dis…


We survive on ehsas
but not a struggle for ehsas from others
but the ehsas within for others
the first is just a struggle
an expectation put forth in articulation
that scares the other
serves a stick to drive them away
but the latter
is an appreciation of the other
and a result of feeling,
from the pit of our hearts and core of being
felt, unarticulated, spontaneous!
this another of love's secrets
Ehsas is an Urdu word.
Description: A 'feeling', and an 'awareness' born out of this feeling.

Me and You

You are I
me in the mirror
this kaleidoscopic world
yet I hesitate you and I
our reflection
we one another
till we use this mirror
to see each other - and breakthrough
to find ourself

when I scare you
I scare myself
and to love myself
is a journey unto peace
that I give you your due
this the beginning of a love
I myself am due
that I recognize you

in you as child
I see myself of past
that looks at me now
the adult that till now
had remained a mystery

in my own thoughts
once silence
I know yours
a final testament we are one
look inside yourself
so you may hear mine

each new face
from however far a place
even times past
is me another mood
myself the grand mystery
that I discover more


Her company
teleports me into clouds
carried with an angelic grace,
her stunning innocence,
and breathtaking beauty,
it seems for my awe
that I behold and witness
the Rab has created
all this for HIS recognition
this mystery that speaks
a creature of the Garden
- Faraz Haider

*Rab: Arabic word connoting a caring, protecting, nurturing God.
if the morning breeze, a lock of yours, unloosens
a thousand lives prisoned, from their cares, are freed
- Ameer Khusro

@ Ameer Khusro:
Pretty obvious why Mr. Khusro!
A spectacle such as this would dissolve away the cares of me and many of my brothers!


You imagine and entertain fear
But you experience and transcend it
Seeing the pain for what it is
It is bearable
It is always bearable
For spirits in flesh
Divine beings
Pain is but a play

In it we witness our vulnerability
And witness our beauty
For the flute when hollowed
Is prepared for music
Setting free our soul

Her yearning answered
She dances now the mystic dance
at the universe's center
Intoxicated in the trance
she whirls

For pain and its kind
She has left behind
To find her companions
In Peace Joy and Love
Guarding her they come to her aid

But pain and its kind
were aids sent for help
Her friends of old
They fill with gratitude
For a job well done

Become free

you are not intimidating me,
but You are intimidating yourself,
do you not see the stress you feel,
stop now
become free

in lust you do not ruin me
you miss out,
you ruin yourself
stop now
become free

let's escape
there is a way
let's end the fight between us
let's do it together
for we are the same you and I
in every way

though it is a sentry
failure cannot stop us
for death has been sent
to our rescue

Intuition and our modern mind

The modern mind
It teaches you to hold objects
As when you were a toddler your hands did
But you must stop the juggle
You have to move on
You had an innate faculty to sense things
Revive it
Intuition leads reasoning. And is itself led by intentOne scientific measure of how highly conscious you are is the degree to which your faculty of intuition gives you insight into situations, people and everything else.

In the case of Prophets such as Hazrat Yousuf his power of intuition was highly developed so that he could predict the future based on an interpretation of his dreams [using I am certain an intuitive faculty]. How the dreams were revealed I still wonder.

As intuition works with us when we have an insight into a matter we use logic to fill in the gaps and build a concrete understanding of the matter.

It is perhaps connected that at the hight of its development with a power of intuition individuals who have found their way may have the ability to prophesize the future.

Lust - but why not?

Lust is bad
you sell yourself short
you may recover yourself
but you ruin the other
a person whose heart is open will settle for lust only after a jabbar on themselves
and this is akin to shooting your self in the foot
this is why
1. Jabbar is an Arabic word that implies the object on which jabbar is being done is being antagonized and put through pain.

Video: After finding the Self

A stage in one's evolution should come where they become aware of their "self".

To do so would mean to enjoy interacting with the universe as a form of art through the use of our faculties of mind and heart jointly to interact with it.

In so doing we become the artists.

But there is a stage it seems that lies beyond finding the self.

It appears to be a higher form of consciousness, where we loose the 'self' we found, and hand over the brush of the artist to the universe as it demands from us. A complete form of submission it would seem.

1. My use of the word 'self' may not be how others use it.

The progress I have made

Read my posts a year ago @ and then read some of my recent posts.

Thanks to Blogspot I have had the opportunity to record my thoughts and I am myself in awe of the progress I have made.

There is a huge jump in the sophistication of the:
1. Kind of topics I am dealing with now
2. The increase in my consciousness
3. My ability to put 'feeling' in my words [Read this]
4. How lean my world view is [Read this]

And yes I can now write a poem! [Read here]

And God is kind to those who try. Alhamdolillah!

Affirmation - How to get God's help in an instant

Allah has said that HE is closer to us than our jugular vein. It is also said that HE loves us more many times over than our mother possibly can. Clearly HE is also a being of ultimate power who communicates to us through the universe. But the question arises in my mind: “if this is so how can I ask HIM for help?”

I have written below one answer I have found.

An Affirmation can be described as: When you think about something it happens.

Let’s think of humans as machines for a moment. In that sense the thoughts that go through our minds influence us. Eventually the actions we do are a reflection of the thoughts we keep. In fact each action we do is completely derived from the collection of thoughts that have brought it into creation [through interplay of our conscious and subconscious minds and the environment that brings to us the particular situation].

If this is so than by ‘invoking’ thoughts we should be able to create events in the future through our actions that we don’t know of.

But …