Friday, November 13, 2009

Intuition and our modern mind

The modern mind
It teaches you to hold objects
As when you were a toddler your hands did
But you must stop the juggle
You have to move on
You had an innate faculty to sense things
Revive it

Intuition leads reasoning. And is itself led by intent
One scientific measure of how highly conscious you are is the degree to which your faculty of intuition gives you insight into situations, people and everything else.

In the case of Prophets such as Hazrat Yousuf his power of intuition was highly developed so that he could predict the future based on an interpretation of his dreams [using I am certain an intuitive faculty]. How the dreams were revealed I still wonder.

As intuition works with us when we have an insight into a matter we use logic to fill in the gaps and build a concrete understanding of the matter.

It is perhaps connected that at the hight of its development with a power of intuition individuals who have found their way may have the ability to prophesize the future.


  1. The style catches the eye and the unexpected puzzles the mind. Several reads brings a satisfied "Oh yes! another metaphor which works." Nicely compact brevity where each image and phrase fits and ends with a simple, non-preachy tool for life. A poem or a haiku-like lesson? A new form?

    More, please.

  2. The latter part of the poem that my friend adds - her contribution

    "Mind does not feel,
    Just as heart does not think,
    Revive this gift of intuition
    That is birthed
    Deep from your heart"

    - Thankyou Amata!