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The Issue of Success

A mentor put the issue of success vs. failure into a very practical perspective.

And a saying of the Prophet (saw) summarizes it very well. The saying is "all action is judged by intention". And to me it corroborates his statement below.

He said that if we give everything of our self to a cause, then even when the cause is in error we come out to be winners, just because we gave it our best!

If I may, Aunt Connie raised the issue in the context of World Peace. So here goes, We may never see and perhaps it is impossible to ever have the Utopian peace we wish for. Even so the struggle for it provides grounds for our escape from our own pettiness and misery. And that alone is the point of this journey we all are making!

So, struggle forth but be sincere, lest you truly lose! World Peace! Can come another day :)