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The Gifts

Ya Rabbee,
everything I have is from You
the body, mind, intelligence, ability to feel,
this home, my family, friends,
this city, its facilities,
my nation and the entire human fellowship,
these fruits & magnificent greenery,
the mountains, the deserts & the oceans,
the co-habitat that lives in the seas and on land.

And the most beautiful gift -
Consciousness itself
which forms the bed-rock of my senses,
has been given to me by You.

None of it is debt
for nothing is mine own to give
but that I recognize You.

Recognizing corrupted art

Art may belong to one of two categories. The first is where it is healthy and the second is where it is corrupt. The question that worries me is how to tell good art apart from corrupt art.

The two attributes of corrupt art that I know of are
1. It glorifies malevolence
2. It is not popular among the masses;
where the first is the cause of the second.

So if I can tell malevolence apart from what is benign I should be able to tell when I come across art that is corrupt. The ability therefore to articulate malevolence ought to be useful, and not malevolent itself, since it helps in recognizing malevolence.

Thus art that contains a discourse on malevolence must be corrupt when it glorifies it instead of articulating the fault in it.

Value of truth

When we try to define ourselves or define others around us in order to predict things about ourselves and others we refer only to certain moments from our lives and take them to represent our entire life. But as time passes new moments come that change the way we perceive the world. Owing to this change a question then comes to mind which is "is anything predictable"?

The answer to the question is that there are "truths" in the external and our (inner) internal world that don't change and therefore allow for things to be predictable. Discovering them is therefore unquestionably an important task.

An example of one of these truths is in an earlier post titled "Gratitude and the Abyss" where I realized that anything that draws you in and becomes insatiable should be avoided. And that the way to avoid it is to appreciate what we already have of it.

I then discovered another truth which was that if we give a depth of attention to our work, family and frie…