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From Darkness into Noor [Light]

What is the Purpose?

O Allah

Protect me!
Terror surrounds me,
from the sides.

O Malik,

Make this simple for me,

O Rabb

Sweeten this for me.

O most Powerful!

make this terror apart from me,

You hath created me!

You have designed me!

You hath built my soul,
made it into,
one which receives from Noor.

O Lord of Creation,
O Overwhelmer of that which overwhelms;
O King of kings,

O Architect,
Architect Of the mightiest architects!

Harmonize me into this surrounding.

I come from You,
so each challenge I faceth
hath a solution within,
so no challenge shall persist;
each answer shall come to me,
as words You place in me.

Take this terror, O Lord!
turn it to a beautiful sweetness
so I see the world like your beloveds do;
just as one ought to.

Is the purpose not but to simply witness?
See each piece of coal turn from dust into jewel.

Nafs & Rough

"We are spiritual beings in a material body not material beings seeking spirituality" - Anon

What matters is how conscious we are of this,
of the Rough that we are;
which rough is connected to everything
and unlike the nafs which is our identity,
it doesn't exist as a separateness.

Our fixation with glory has to end

Our mind unfortunately,
has the habit and ability to take each situation
and glorify it completely; for us.

It sensationalizes it so much,
we loose clarity completely.

One way to reverse this
is to expose this;
and witness our own chatter,
while promising to keep away from glory.

I do this by writing it down;
a catharsis for my diseased heart.

Now leaving the death-bed
we share with glory,
can we begin to witness this world;
it's wonders as they truly are!

But glory beguiles me,
weakening my power to witness;
distracting me chews on my attention.

It's a bit like those games
where we had to count the number of deers
that are hidden in the picture somehow;
in a picture that's right before us.

When we're distracted it's difficult to pinpoint them.

These many myriad wonders of creation
put in this world in plain view.

Another day received from God's bounty!

In the journey of mine,
this day given as a gift
from Your infinite generosity and inextinguishable bounty

O Lord, may I be able to do honour to this day;
of incomprehensible worth
and unfathomable wonder

and keep my pledges,

and learn more of the secrets that remain hidden
and from them gain the invaluable boon of clarity

and commit not gross sins
requiring retribution severe
that with such termendous catharsis
I am taught a new lesson beautiful still

and enable me to do good
so its effects are carried through time; benefiting others,
preserved by Your mighty system and not annihilated by it.

The journey of annihilation

Be kind to your own self to begin with;
don't start a war with yourself,
a raging battle all the time.

I ought to be friends with the Self,
Because the Self is hidden deep within;
waiting to be discovered; I will find him
when this journey within completes.

In annihlation I will have destroyed myself
only the Self shall remain; taking over from me
complete control of the heart, body and soul;
protecting me from harm through its sharp wisdom;
privy to the virtues of God's beloved.

This self is the Rough
and I am the nafs, brought here
to this joureny of annhilation.

Take every chance; don't waste it;
annhilate the nafs; so near the beautiful rogh.

My nafs is fraught with fears in multitude
the rogh is fearless; a drill put to his teeth
would only drive into him; to an ecstasy emerging
from the gratitude of a moment given by Him.

*In this post we go through a catharsis while dropping our psychological baggage so we are made through this channel stronger still.

The straight path

Tread the straight path
so take decisions moment by moment
that carry you to place that gets better with each step
taking you closer to the Garden, as you follow a trail of scent.