Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The journey of annihilation

Be kind to your own self to begin with;
don't start a war with yourself,
a raging battle all the time.

I ought to be friends with the Self,
Because the Self is hidden deep within;
waiting to be discovered; I will find him
when this journey within completes.

In annihlation I will have destroyed myself
only the Self shall remain; taking over from me
complete control of the heart, body and soul;
protecting me from harm through its sharp wisdom;
privy to the virtues of God's beloved.

This self is the Rough
and I am the nafs, brought here
to this joureny of annhilation.

Take every chance; don't waste it;
annhilate the nafs; so near the beautiful rogh.

My nafs is fraught with fears in multitude
the rogh is fearless; a drill put to his teeth
would only drive into him; to an ecstasy emerging
from the gratitude of a moment given by Him.

*In this post we go through a catharsis while dropping our psychological baggage so we are made through this channel stronger still.

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