Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our fixation with glory has to end

Our mind unfortunately,
has the habit and ability to take each situation
and glorify it completely; for us.

It sensationalizes it so much,
we loose clarity completely.

One way to reverse this
is to expose this;
and witness our own chatter,
while promising to keep away from glory.

I do this by writing it down;
a catharsis for my diseased heart.

Now leaving the death-bed
we share with glory,
can we begin to witness this world;
it's wonders as they truly are!

But glory beguiles me,
weakening my power to witness;
distracting me chews on my attention.

It's a bit like those games
where we had to count the number of deers
that are hidden in the picture somehow;
in a picture that's right before us.

When we're distracted it's difficult to pinpoint them.

These many myriad wonders of creation
put in this world in plain view.


  1. hmm...I do this by writing it down....awesome....good work Faraz...

    Thanks for sharing....

  2. Somebody said:

    Magnificently written as this is, the poet in me feels that the last two lines clash with the first 3, albiet I reiterate, this is only in my interpretation of it! :D

    For without glorifying in our mind the amazingness of simple things, we wud miss out on the myriad of creations that exist in plain view.

    The answer:

    The more one glorifies the obvious
    the harder it gets to move beyond them.