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Insights that have helped me grow

Sherlock Homes presents an inspiring dimension of detective work. Work which by its nature leads the detective to the root of the incident. An alternate dimension of detective work applies the same method to discovering about ourselves.If you desire freedom it is not to be found in getting your rights from people or what you wish them to do for you. Only you can give yourself freedom. By becoming aware and understanding what pushes and pulls you to do what you do.Imagination can have you wear the superman costume and your feelings inside you have you grounded to Mother Earth in the twinkle of an eye.If you decide to do a thing for which you are ready to accept the consequences. However small the decision maybe, if it is yours 100% and you own it completely, it should make you feel a fire course through you.Hard work is priceless specially when it leads us to failure. Because it sets in a purpose, not to give up and the energy to struggle harder.The primary task at hand i…