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Insights that have helped me grow

  1. Sherlock Homes presents an inspiring dimension of detective work. Work which by its nature leads the detective to the root of the incident. An alternate dimension of detective work applies the same method to discovering about ourselves.
  2. If you desire freedom it is not to be found in getting your rights from people or what you wish them to do for you. Only you can give yourself freedom. By becoming aware and understanding what pushes and pulls you to do what you do.
  3. Imagination can have you wear the superman costume and your feelings inside you have you grounded to Mother Earth in the twinkle of an eye.
  4. If you decide to do a thing for which you are ready to accept the consequences. However small the decision maybe, if it is yours 100% and you own it completely, it should make you feel a fire course through you.
  5. Hard work is priceless specially when it leads us to failure. Because it sets in a purpose, not to give up and the energy to struggle harder.
  6. The primary task at hand is to make our feelings grounded and our ability to perceive makes this job possible.
  7. Asking the right questions: Some questions are just chatter, and therefore need not be answered. Instead they require that one becomes still. There are some questions that require answers. But what sets these type of questions apart is that their answers can always be 'tasted' and change what we are feeling within.
  8. People in general are so tied-up with issues of their own they can't be bothered beyond a reasonable point with others' lives. This is good because it gives individuals a fair share of space and independence. If however, one was not to accept this space and struggle for companionship, it could turn this experience of independence into loneliness.
  9. Be it the weight of expectation that drives you. It is a blessing to find yourself in a spot where you will to work hard.
  10. An experience of the world through the five empirical senses is different from an experience of it through the mind cogitating over it. Smell, taste, touch & sound can't be expressed with a sharpness of 100% ever through the words and language used to describe them.
  11. Contentment I tell you has its roots in loss.
  12. Mehnat and sukar are the primary tools for inner change. All other tools are trash in their efficacy of use without them.
  13. Art Is a mirror into the soul. You might or might not like what you Find. But at least you Will see!
  14. So the journey back to God as I have by now gathered Is just a journey down the path of a highly attuned rich abundant colored world of feelings and emotion. And we have the capacity each one of us of tremendous depths of it. To have never felt is to have never lived; to have come in this world and died a lost soul...
  15. If a patch of hell is what we are thrown into, like Ibrahim AS, we too can land in Eden i.e. if we nurture and cultivate richness within.
  16. Friends bond through their shared value system.
  17. Compromising integrity is possibly the worst of evils. Being a feeling it leaves a very pungent taste. Just as having it, makes things sweeter and always better, despite the pain of holding on to it. 
  18. We can find ourself only in the present moment, and this is facilitated through concentration, in whatever it is we are doing.
  19. Knowledge is a beguiling treasure. It makes us feel empowered. Whereas it takes away power, the more it illuminates our contradictions.


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Explanation of the movie 'Revolver'

I saw the movie for the umpteenth time last night and I finally got it.

This is what the movie says:

1) In every game and con there is always a victim and there is always an opponent. It's good to know when you are the former so you can become the latter.

2) But the question is how do you prepare yourself for this game?

3) You only get smater by playing a smarter opponent.

4) The smarter the game the smarter the opponent

5) Checkers is an example of such a game. Chess is a better game. Debate is an even better opportunity to learn and so on.

6) But the question is where does the game stop? or one can ask what is the smartest game one can play?

7) The answer according to the movie is: "The game of con you play with yourself".

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What the journey means to me

My journey so far has been about discovering the meta rules of how the self works. The essence of what I have learnt is that the self can change and in fact does change every time it undergoes an experience. Where any experience is significant because of the meaning it carries for us. It means something to us by the fact: it changes our feelings from state (state a) to another state (state b). Where this movement between states is a process we can call witnessing.  The exercise of witnessing can be powerful and enriching.  In fact if we could communicate what we have witnessed through poetry or through prose, perhaps with the aid of metaphors, we could share these experiences with our family, friends and with the larger community. 
Thus to go in retrospect and search for meaning in the experiences we have had can help us grow mature, become stronger and make us more aware.

My Criteria for my marriage partner

1) She should be a home maker. 10 on a scale of 10
2) I should be able to fall in love with her and her with me … 7 on a scale of 10.

First criteria:

10 on a scale of 1-10 for this criteria because I consider my family my second self. The better my partner will be at making my family the best the better off my second self will be. Who doesn’t want to aim for the best? In accordance with this she should have the best of the characteristics that every home maker should have:

1) Intelligent
2) Practical
3) Ability to take stress and bounce back – agility of mind
4) High level of commitment
5) Principled
6) Caring
7) Want her children to be the best
8) Want to learn how to make her children the best

Of course there is an ideal woman out there who would rank very high in all these areas. But then I have to be practical too. I would want to marry the most ideal woman who is compatible with me. Compatibility is covered in the second criteria.

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Description of scale:

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