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Eat Pray Love

On her search to get to the end where she finds somebody and falls in love. She finds friends with whom she shares rich moments with. Which helps her to stop dwelling over worries and gradually she learns to start living from the bottom of her heart.
On that note a little about myself and where my journey has brought me: I am among people who have done much better than me in the external world - with their jobs and achievements. I am among people who have done much better than me in the internal world - with their relationships. But if I were to have any more than what I have - I would have a heart attack and die. I am overwhelmed with what He has given to me. Sukar Alhamdollilah

Bol - The Movie

Bol: Pakistan with a heritage of a rich tradition, host to prayers by the millions & mosques by the thousands is at the same time, rampant with corruption, incompetance & abuse in its many forms — a very harsh and cruel reality.

What makes a writer

A writer to me is someone with a collection of words, they carry in their bag of experience – each word symbolic of an entrenched emotional experience. He uses these words to carve another map for himself, each time he attempts to tread further on the terrain of meaning.