Thursday, December 31, 2009

How to leverage the power of intent

It is cruical to crystallize our intent. I've talked about the How and Why of it and explained this through examples. Thus you will have a grasp on how to use your 'intent' to grow and thus with time be able to handle a larger set of problems.

How can we crystallize intent: Hold yourself accountable for malevolent* intent each time. So it may gradually become more benevolent*.

Why should we crystallize intent: As your intent crystallizes i.e. becomes more benevolent you will notice that you are able to handle a larger set of challenges that come your way. Thus you become MATURE and benefit from the advantages of being mature. As this process of Maturation continues a point will come when one becomes Mature enough to bear life's greatest challenge i.e. death itself.

So let's see this through examples.

IMMATURITY: On one end of the spectrum lie Indian Dramas.

In these dramas the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law [who in Indian homes live in the same house] are always shown obsessed with each other, occupied with such horrendous non-sensical fights that if it were an actual family; no one would be able to focus on REAL issues the family needs to address. This is because the fights are extremly paralyzing.

Thus we could call this sort of behavior, which is essentially malevolent and practically disabling IMMATURE behavior.

MATURITY: On the other end of the spectrum are prophets such as Moses, Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad (saw) who are the opposite.

These models intend to stand up and change the status-quo of society; bringing it to sobriety and instilling in it values such as compassion, justice, brotherhood, love, emancipation, care for the orphans, etc.

In fact they are so clear about this and struggle for it so intensely that they are ready and able to bear the challenge of tremendous physical and emotional persecution.

Thus this benevolent behavior which is extremely enabling is 'Mature' behavior.

And indeed in love's bosom,
and out of reasons's grasp
into an ishq such as at Karbala
hath delivered into martyrdom,
is intent's journey complete.

For whatever the Beloved calleth upon
Ishq would have him deliver
so that in intent's final resting place
is intent's complete surrender!

Note: See the Postualtes of the Thematic. It provides a comprehensive framework for leveraging intent.
#1) Malevolent - wishing evil or harm to another or others; showing ill will; ill-disposed; malicious.
#2) Benevolent - characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feelings [e.g. desiring to help others].

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bomb blast on the Karbala procession today in Karachi

I was there...
and talked to people,
saw a man with half a arm that wasn't there now,
and another man who brought in his brother - i first consoled him he'd be ok - 20 mins later i couldn't break the news [to him, at civil hospital] that the brother had died.

i saw a group of people,
saying "the Muthamida should have shot back at them , i.e. the shias when they burnt the bazar," *

and I a shia with a black attire was talking to them,
saying instead...
itminan aana chayheyae/ agar woh , un mein thora sa woh sakoon un mein aajae to sab khatam ho jae ga,
un kae leaders ko sirf un ko samjhanae kee aur un ko itmenan calm karnae ke zarorat hae

to which he said something
and then I said yeh aek hal ee vehshat hae,

and they all agreed

So we moved from:
1) Mutahida needing to fire at the shias; to
2) acknowledging that everybody is in a state of vehshat
3) and instead of retaliation further calm needs to prevail
4) so it may come to a close and we may have peace.

thus a simple message of love,
is ENOUGH to bring
In fact it's ALL that's needed. Alhamdollilah!

For if we stop taking corners we will see that we are,
all of us just the same.

In reality there aren't too many differences between us,
for we feel the same,
feel the touch of love just the same way;
and the touch of fear in just the same way.

*I personally was inside the hospital by the time the violence started so I don't know; nor have a sense of the people involved in the actual violence.

Karbala: A martyrdom cradled in Ishq

The martrydom offered by the ahl e bayt and their companions,
was offered out of a position of power,
and not out of weakness.

It was offered as unconditional act of worship,
to contribute to the consciousness of the human race,
its sobreity and stage of maturity.

This act of worship,
was out of Ishq for the Lord,
and His way,
so it would awake a love for His way,
the Haqiqat,
in the hearts of those,
with open hearts.

From Karbala a million threads have emerged,
that tie the world since.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Inn

There are many idols I worship
All rewarding me with fear
Promising it is best this way
That the fears won’t further come near


My Lord promises Freedom
Says being His guest I needn’t worry
That He will take good care

So he teaches me the ways of the Inn
And as I learn of decorum
I learn the royal heritage and my potential
Reminded but again to leave the worry to the powerful Host

At the Inn I meet other travelers
All of them guests, each cared for
In what I learn I find I ought,
Give these travelers a nod and the one a wink

Courtesy is a rule here at the Inn
By which the Rabb Promises to teach us
secrets of the heart they say by which
Gradually unravels all the potential within

But to think a fellow traveler or object important
In measure greater than his due
Is to raise an idol and begin an ill

That to cross beyond courtesy into
Servility or cross into Oppression
Is making unto a traveler an Idol
For there is need for neither at the Inn

The idol raised belongs to a tribe they call “NEEDINESS”;
All darkness is legacy of this neediness
The decorum is to break these idols
That to treat each traveler or thing
With courtesy they are due, not more, nor less

In seeking assistance I hear His words
I am guest and must worry less
That this neediness is born out only of distance from the Host

But the heart of a momin they say can contain Him
My heart one day too would contain Him
Were I to leave all concern for my care to the Host
I need first connect and then move closer still

In nearness to Him is nearness to all at the Inn
Which we perpetually learn is made benign
And we, all of us, are the royalty within

So let’s us be overwhelmed I say
Feel an inner expansion thus to compliment Him,
For the boundless mysteries and generosity
With which He hath prepared this Inn

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A framework on thinking

Two principles:
  1. You can trust your internal working, COMPLETELY.
  2. All humans to have ever walked the Earth are made in just the same way.
    • Implication of the 2nd principle: You would feel the same [in their shoes] if you acted the same way.

  1. You have an analytical mind, by which to figure out things [also called the Left Brain]
  2. You also have an ability to have split-second insights into situations [this cognitive faculty is called intuition; referred to as Right Brain processing]
  3. In any given situation,
    • Freeze analytical thinking first
    • Then get attuned to the situation [Metaphorically think of the situation as a place, a backyard to your new house that you are currently exploring]. Get a feel of it so you could close your eyes and predict what's placed where in it.
    • The 'aura' of this backyard or situation that you've captured "internalize it" i.e.
      • become one with the place and feel what it feels. To be able to appreciate this for a second think of the place as being conscious or being alive and thus capable of exhibiting feeling. While this is a metaphor it can actually work if you get 'attuned' to the place. Try to close your eyes and predict what will happen next. 
      • This you can extend to people even and use to predict what the next point in conversation will be. Suppose you are having a conversation with a friend. If you are attuned to how he or she is feeling you would be able to tell what they will say next.
      • Thus use this method of cognition alone to think through 'any situation' place/person/party/business meeting [etc] and collect insights upon insights.
      • At times its necessary to use a bit of Analytical Thinking to make sense of peculiar insights.
      • Thus this is how to leverage intuitive thinking to think through 'any situation' you come across throughout the day.
      • Summary: "Feel first, think next". 
    1. The more harmonious you feel with the situation the better you'll be able to predict what will happen next. Good Luck! :)

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    A submission to the Lord

    Our heart can sense,
    Reality very deeply,
    Thus it gives an ‘insight’ into!

    Heeding it is submitting to the Lord,
    For it dislikes disturbance all kinds;
    Disturbance is itself only “a distance from Reality”!

    Trust yourself,
    And your feelings keenly,
    For they offer invaluable insight to
    bridge the gap to Reality;

    Our minds are another miracle, given
    so we may make sense of it all,
    return and once more be grounded;

    Thus the Universe is designed to
    take care of all,
    who heed this language of the heart.

    Quantum Thinking

    In any situation, we would wish to interpret
    we may use our mental faculty to interpret it,
    but there is a more powerful technique available to us.

    if we are emotionally aware,
    completely awake I'd say,
    we may use the emotions that arise to interpret, as well

    Cognition through emotions is quite potent,
    much more than without them,
    for emotions sense and reveal,
    things our minds aren't able to detect!

    each feeling when interpreted,
    its cause revealed, tells us,
    through insight, something new,
    and something always interesting!

    but for it to work,
    there mustn't be any background noise,
    of a kind - unresolved emotional trauma,
    that overshadows the heart's ability to feel!

    Note: This is probably not the mainstream use of the term 'Quantum Thinking'. I use it because its a quicker method of thought possible by the processing of an instant's worth of  experience i.e. one's state of emotion at the time.

    Monday, December 14, 2009


    The device of wisdom is the heart, which
    whispering in the language of insights*,
    leads our thoughts.

    However with disturbance near by,
    this device first warns,
    then overwhelms,
    and if overburdened, turns off.

    If this happens, we cannot think,
    ourselves out of danger easily,
    for the device that senses
    is compromised;
    thus we are once more vulnerable

    But LOVE,
    the soldier from outside,
    can rescue us, our heart,
    make it beat again.

    Once revived,
    afresh and awoken,
    the heart pulsates through the body, clear thoughts
    from a place of peace;

    With this feeling of peace within
    we are able to sense discomfort,
    flag danger, easily
    wherever we may go

    The heart thus a guardian angel,
    is sent by the Lord,
    to protect should we heed it

    But also an "emotional-cognitive" engine
    that unfolds wisdom,a treasure of it
    each time we interact with the world using it

    For to sense around the world,
    with complete awareness of emotions,
    recognizing, trusting, making sense as each arises,
    decoding the purpose behind,
    is as if we hear an angel speak.

    Only by committing vile
    thus overburdening heart,
    by traumatizing ourself,
    will the angel, the heart leave
    till we remedy our act,
    or another is sent from without,
    the soldier-angel we name, Love!

    So harmony without,
    comes from harmony within,
    that heart through its wisdom,
    if heeded has power to maintain.

    *Insight -> Comes through intuition.

    Friday, December 11, 2009

    Thursday, December 3, 2009

    Video: A successful escape from: the mind

    The theme to life

    to learn
    and grow to the next stage
    to repeat this cycle
    and experience it all
    is the theme
    to our life
    this chance
    gifted us by our Lord,
    so we may
    experience all, that as human
    we are built to experience

    we are built, with
    the faculty of bodily experience
    the faculty of intellectual experience
    the faculty of emotional experience
    to put this to work
    so we may really experience

    but there are those of us
    who linger into oblivion
    don't full fill their purpose
    to live complete experience

    the depraved among us
    linger at the first stage
    never living it all,
    or learning of the sight from beyond,

    those conquered by their ego,
    trapped within their own intellect
    don't leave or experience from beyond
    the second stage

    and those indulgent in emotion, romance
    not able to tame it
    through a matrimony, which
    the natural course of this kind of love,
    is only a birth pain
    to create a matrimony
    pushing us into our final stage

    where we have powerful experience
    and now wanting and ready
    having full filled our purpose
    to have lived it all,
    we desire return
    from where once we were pushed and sent
    from where we were given
    gift only the Lord has power to give
    a divine gift,
    our opportunity to live