Monday, December 14, 2009


The device of wisdom is the heart, which
whispering in the language of insights*,
leads our thoughts.

However with disturbance near by,
this device first warns,
then overwhelms,
and if overburdened, turns off.

If this happens, we cannot think,
ourselves out of danger easily,
for the device that senses
is compromised;
thus we are once more vulnerable

the soldier from outside,
can rescue us, our heart,
make it beat again.

Once revived,
afresh and awoken,
the heart pulsates through the body, clear thoughts
from a place of peace;

With this feeling of peace within
we are able to sense discomfort,
flag danger, easily
wherever we may go

The heart thus a guardian angel,
is sent by the Lord,
to protect should we heed it

But also an "emotional-cognitive" engine
that unfolds wisdom,a treasure of it
each time we interact with the world using it

For to sense around the world,
with complete awareness of emotions,
recognizing, trusting, making sense as each arises,
decoding the purpose behind,
is as if we hear an angel speak.

Only by committing vile
thus overburdening heart,
by traumatizing ourself,
will the angel, the heart leave
till we remedy our act,
or another is sent from without,
the soldier-angel we name, Love!

So harmony without,
comes from harmony within,
that heart through its wisdom,
if heeded has power to maintain.

*Insight -> Comes through intuition.

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