Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A framework on thinking

Two principles:
  1. You can trust your internal working, COMPLETELY.
  2. All humans to have ever walked the Earth are made in just the same way.
    • Implication of the 2nd principle: You would feel the same [in their shoes] if you acted the same way.

  1. You have an analytical mind, by which to figure out things [also called the Left Brain]
  2. You also have an ability to have split-second insights into situations [this cognitive faculty is called intuition; referred to as Right Brain processing]
  3. In any given situation,
    • Freeze analytical thinking first
    • Then get attuned to the situation [Metaphorically think of the situation as a place, a backyard to your new house that you are currently exploring]. Get a feel of it so you could close your eyes and predict what's placed where in it.
    • The 'aura' of this backyard or situation that you've captured "internalize it" i.e.
      • become one with the place and feel what it feels. To be able to appreciate this for a second think of the place as being conscious or being alive and thus capable of exhibiting feeling. While this is a metaphor it can actually work if you get 'attuned' to the place. Try to close your eyes and predict what will happen next. 
      • This you can extend to people even and use to predict what the next point in conversation will be. Suppose you are having a conversation with a friend. If you are attuned to how he or she is feeling you would be able to tell what they will say next.
      • Thus use this method of cognition alone to think through 'any situation' place/person/party/business meeting [etc] and collect insights upon insights.
      • At times its necessary to use a bit of Analytical Thinking to make sense of peculiar insights.
      • Thus this is how to leverage intuitive thinking to think through 'any situation' you come across throughout the day.
      • Summary: "Feel first, think next". 
    1. The more harmonious you feel with the situation the better you'll be able to predict what will happen next. Good Luck! :)

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