Thursday, December 3, 2009

The theme to life

to learn
and grow to the next stage
to repeat this cycle
and experience it all
is the theme
to our life
this chance
gifted us by our Lord,
so we may
experience all, that as human
we are built to experience

we are built, with
the faculty of bodily experience
the faculty of intellectual experience
the faculty of emotional experience
to put this to work
so we may really experience

but there are those of us
who linger into oblivion
don't full fill their purpose
to live complete experience

the depraved among us
linger at the first stage
never living it all,
or learning of the sight from beyond,

those conquered by their ego,
trapped within their own intellect
don't leave or experience from beyond
the second stage

and those indulgent in emotion, romance
not able to tame it
through a matrimony, which
the natural course of this kind of love,
is only a birth pain
to create a matrimony
pushing us into our final stage

where we have powerful experience
and now wanting and ready
having full filled our purpose
to have lived it all,
we desire return
from where once we were pushed and sent
from where we were given
gift only the Lord has power to give
a divine gift,
our opportunity to live

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