Thursday, December 31, 2009

How to leverage the power of intent

It is cruical to crystallize our intent. I've talked about the How and Why of it and explained this through examples. Thus you will have a grasp on how to use your 'intent' to grow and thus with time be able to handle a larger set of problems.

How can we crystallize intent: Hold yourself accountable for malevolent* intent each time. So it may gradually become more benevolent*.

Why should we crystallize intent: As your intent crystallizes i.e. becomes more benevolent you will notice that you are able to handle a larger set of challenges that come your way. Thus you become MATURE and benefit from the advantages of being mature. As this process of Maturation continues a point will come when one becomes Mature enough to bear life's greatest challenge i.e. death itself.

So let's see this through examples.

IMMATURITY: On one end of the spectrum lie Indian Dramas.

In these dramas the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law [who in Indian homes live in the same house] are always shown obsessed with each other, occupied with such horrendous non-sensical fights that if it were an actual family; no one would be able to focus on REAL issues the family needs to address. This is because the fights are extremly paralyzing.

Thus we could call this sort of behavior, which is essentially malevolent and practically disabling IMMATURE behavior.

MATURITY: On the other end of the spectrum are prophets such as Moses, Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad (saw) who are the opposite.

These models intend to stand up and change the status-quo of society; bringing it to sobriety and instilling in it values such as compassion, justice, brotherhood, love, emancipation, care for the orphans, etc.

In fact they are so clear about this and struggle for it so intensely that they are ready and able to bear the challenge of tremendous physical and emotional persecution.

Thus this benevolent behavior which is extremely enabling is 'Mature' behavior.

And indeed in love's bosom,
and out of reasons's grasp
into an ishq such as at Karbala
hath delivered into martyrdom,
is intent's journey complete.

For whatever the Beloved calleth upon
Ishq would have him deliver
so that in intent's final resting place
is intent's complete surrender!

Note: See the Postualtes of the Thematic. It provides a comprehensive framework for leveraging intent.
#1) Malevolent - wishing evil or harm to another or others; showing ill will; ill-disposed; malicious.
#2) Benevolent - characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feelings [e.g. desiring to help others].

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