Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quantum Thinking

In any situation, we would wish to interpret
we may use our mental faculty to interpret it,
but there is a more powerful technique available to us.

if we are emotionally aware,
completely awake I'd say,
we may use the emotions that arise to interpret, as well

Cognition through emotions is quite potent,
much more than without them,
for emotions sense and reveal,
things our minds aren't able to detect!

each feeling when interpreted,
its cause revealed, tells us,
through insight, something new,
and something always interesting!

but for it to work,
there mustn't be any background noise,
of a kind - unresolved emotional trauma,
that overshadows the heart's ability to feel!

Note: This is probably not the mainstream use of the term 'Quantum Thinking'. I use it because its a quicker method of thought possible by the processing of an instant's worth of  experience i.e. one's state of emotion at the time.

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