Monday, December 28, 2009

Bomb blast on the Karbala procession today in Karachi

I was there...
and talked to people,
saw a man with half a arm that wasn't there now,
and another man who brought in his brother - i first consoled him he'd be ok - 20 mins later i couldn't break the news [to him, at civil hospital] that the brother had died.

i saw a group of people,
saying "the Muthamida should have shot back at them , i.e. the shias when they burnt the bazar," *

and I a shia with a black attire was talking to them,
saying instead...
itminan aana chayheyae/ agar woh , un mein thora sa woh sakoon un mein aajae to sab khatam ho jae ga,
un kae leaders ko sirf un ko samjhanae kee aur un ko itmenan calm karnae ke zarorat hae

to which he said something
and then I said yeh aek hal ee vehshat hae,

and they all agreed

So we moved from:
1) Mutahida needing to fire at the shias; to
2) acknowledging that everybody is in a state of vehshat
3) and instead of retaliation further calm needs to prevail
4) so it may come to a close and we may have peace.

thus a simple message of love,
is ENOUGH to bring
In fact it's ALL that's needed. Alhamdollilah!

For if we stop taking corners we will see that we are,
all of us just the same.

In reality there aren't too many differences between us,
for we feel the same,
feel the touch of love just the same way;
and the touch of fear in just the same way.

*I personally was inside the hospital by the time the violence started so I don't know; nor have a sense of the people involved in the actual violence.

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