Sunday, October 3, 2010

Putting things into the proper perspective


  1. Interesting certainly, accurate? I doubt!

  2. Well some of it may be accurate perception from people like Carl Sagan, a kindly scientist-writer who definitely yearned for peace. My daughter has loved his science fiction. So, although he was not a believer in God, such as we may hold together here, there's something to look at in many of his writings and messages - at least for our American/European/Western empires, no? (Oh and by the way, there's a possibility the first planet ever besides our earth capable of supporting life as we know it may have just been discovered this past week.

    Sometimes I'm baffled to say least that the nations who once claimed to follow one they called "prince of peace" are so far from such an achievement yet continue to provoke so much war and destruction of the earth. Again and again I want to shout "Stop such bloodshed and chaos! I wonder who will be the leaders of peace and renewal of the earth in the years ahead?

  3. There is a person that put the issue of success vs.failure into a very practical perspective.

    And a saying of the Prophet (Saw) puts it very well. The saying is "all action is judged by intention". And to me it corroborates his statement below.

    He said that if we give everything of our self to a cause, then even when the cause is in error we come out to be winners, just because we gave it our best!

    In a wider context: We may never see and perhaps it is impossible to ever have the Utopian peace we wish for. Even so the struggle for it provides grounds for our escape from our own pettiness and misery. And that alone is the point of this journey we all our making!

    So, struggle forth but be sincere, lest you truly loose! World Peace! Can come another day :)

  4. Well-spoken although I will need another read to fully understand and to comment...