Monday, November 16, 2009


You imagine and entertain fear
But you experience and transcend it
Seeing the pain for what it is
It is bearable
It is always bearable
For spirits in flesh
Divine beings
Pain is but a play

In it we witness our vulnerability
And witness our beauty
For the flute when hollowed
Is prepared for music
Setting free our soul

Her yearning answered
She dances now the mystic dance
at the universe's center
Intoxicated in the trance
she whirls

For pain and its kind
She has left behind
To find her companions
In Peace Joy and Love
Guarding her they come to her aid

But pain and its kind
were aids sent for help
Her friends of old
They fill with gratitude
For a job well done


  1. its brilliant. Infact, if we have never experienced pain, we can never experience joy. If we have never experienced sorrows, we can never experience happiness. These are necessary for each other like proton and electron, fire and water, summer and winters.

  2. its nice you use sufi imagery as i've read that sufis believe that the more pain you receive in life the more loved you are in fact by God. however i feel as if some people find the passage of pain too difficult to overcome while others use it as a stepping stone to the next level of complexly experiencing life. i've started to think that in some ways the way we recover from pain perhaps shows how close we are to God and how close he is to us and how positive we are when submitting our will to that of the universes'.