Monday, November 23, 2009

My view of the world at present

I think our world is in pretty good shape. This because there is at certain parts of the world competency that has been established and is rewarded by an economic reward system.

Within this economic system we have a subsystem where we may educate ourselves, pursue a career, marry, raise a family, build a house, fulfill our responsbilites as parents, then to our larger families, our society; each time being recongized for a job well done. [For it is in their interest to protect you!]

The one missing element however, in many lives, is spiritual education. This is something organized religion should be doing, but instead is taken up by Fakirs and Sufis who teach the basics such as perhaps 'Intro to Love 100'. [An important milestone being we must reach the switch from feeling victimized at all times, to - the universe is benign and we a welcome friend - that it is in fact in the interest of others to protect us!]

Many people who have worked very hard and accomplished much suffer distrubance because spiritual education did not enter into their life.

In conclusion I'd say that the world's current system does not include as a part of it spiritual education [in the main stream]. Put this piece and the puzzle seems complete!

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