Wednesday, December 14, 2011


"when you doubt that we live in the most incredible magical beautiful place spend 2 min & watch this"


  1. what a coincidence that i see your apt reminder right after i posted my latest...

    thanx for bringing us back to the awe...

  2. I really am eternally greatful to you, Aunt Connie.

  3. And I am so glad there is a Faraz Haider in this beautiful world.

  4. Dear Nephew, don't let anyone or anything corrupt your pure and beautiful soul.

    By the way, you will pardon me if I share something I think you alone of all on RR will most appreciate - even while the title notices it's our Christmas time...

    I know as well there are such amazing events in sky on on earth which may be a glimpse of Allah's blessings for those faithful to Islam as well. If so, I'd LOVE to know about such because I am so glad to share all that we "of the Book" share in common and how we enlarge and bless one another's faith.

  5. Also, Faraz, you may be blessed to see my latest post -- a prayer -- on One Heart for Peace.

    Your grateful American aunt...

  6. I need to return with more, but wouldn't want the opportunity to slip by - to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!! :)

  7. I've never seen a comet in the sky first hand. I bet it's fascinating.


    Have you A.Connie?