Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The survival instinct

The middle class script I grew up with seeded a survival instinct into me like it has into many of us. This comes in handy in struggling our way through difficult times but that drives this instinct deeper.

An interesting consequence of my quest has been becoming aware of an alternate script that has taught me of the untapped potential life has to offer when we experience emotions in their vitality through meaning we find in books, meaning embedded in past experiences and by finding meaning in everyday life!

And so by reading books and submerging myself in work that’s part of my life presently and by reflecting on the day past one hopes to discover and experience these emotions more with each passing day.

So that as one grows stronger and more grounded the older instinct to live a life of survival gradually looses its utility, tunes out and one day leaves us completely.


  1. you dont have to be a middle class person in order o survive, do you?

  2. I have a hunch, it comes with the baggage everybody grows up with; whatever their background.

    This particular script being a part of my narrative.