Thursday, May 29, 2014

What I think of America

For the following reasons I feel America is as close as it gets to a successful model of society:

No one can play God.
It is a fair society with a non-corrupt legal system. One of the biggest implications of this is that if a Muslim business does very well and the powerful Jewish community competes with them, the Jewish community cannot damage the business of the Muslim group using unfair means. Owing to a fair legal system the Muslim business, like Muslim people and just any and everybody can fight for their rights and get them.

Everything is systematic, and therefore reliable.
In my work I have to sometimes re-use open source software components from various technologies to build a new software. This is possible for me because I can rely on open source software components to do their part, without having to tamper with them or modify their internal working. Each module is for me a black box that I can reuse as is. In America this is the case with corporate services of every kind. Therefore I feel that if you want to set-up a business, you can build it using services as components from disparate sources, to build a bigger business of your own; just as I do to build a bigger software.

No one is after you, they are ready to accept you.
If you work hard, are honest and don't violate the rights of other people they will begin to trust you, respect you and with the passage of time accept you as a fellow citizen.

The system forces you to work hard and focus on your own growth.
Everyone has to work hard. You have very few vacations in a year, compared to a similar job in the developing world. Labour is expensive as a result of which people cannot outsource their daily chores like they do in the developing world. This intense degree of hard work and focus leaves very little room for people to damage themselves or to damage others.

The country is not afflicted with chaos, therefore people are more likely to focus on creative pursuits.
In Pakistan there is chaos, rampant murder and unimaginable injustice. All this breads fear and in general causes the people of Pakistan to obsess over the reasons for the country's miserable state of affairs. People of America are free from such an obsession.


  1. I like the way you summarize it in a short post. It is the example of the success of a model society based upon upholding justice, rule of law and respect of humanity. These golden qualities are exactly the secret ingredient that is lacking everywhere you see chaos and unrest.

    1. Thank you for visiting the blog. This visit has been an eye opening experience for me.