Sunday, January 24, 2010

A fallacy of the awe

Fallacy: To experience awe is an END in itself. Thus we should experience awe for awe's sake only.

Thus a teacher said:
all we may do is to live in awe;
and just be;
But to the implication: "nothing is significant";
I answer:

Reality IS significant
One of THE most prime messages of the prophets was that there is a permanence to our world; thus everything is NOT a subject to time & change; everything connected to the REAL will remain and by virtue of it's connection contributes to the Permanent.

And what is the Permanent?
The Permanent is [only] goodness which is benign for;
everything good that you start will be taken over by Him; so it will be taken over by others who continue it because it is something that creates benefit. Whereas all that you do; that is malevolent is going to be pulverized by others in time for it creates harm; so somebody will work against it and they will succeed.

And only the good that we do;
well, "it is significant"
only because it's effect will somehow not be wiped out in Eternity.

So there is something we are ADDING with each day;
even as we live In awe;
thus awe is NOT for awe's sake only.

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