Monday, January 18, 2010

Intent as tool!

Intent is a tool you posses
for worldly success; and salvation,
each person or thing feared
fear cradles, it generates within malevolence!

so take the intent, this malevolence,
and crush it, grind; so you feel the crushing,
the intent strain; till it ceases!

a malevolence crushed, crushes fear
another malevolence crushed, crushes greed
some malevolence crushed, is vile crushed; is weakness, crushed!

so the end of fear;
and the crushing of an intent malevolent,
so turn it into gold and aim for Benign intent;
which intent IS power, so it gives of it
so you may succeed by it,
and enjoy benign beautiful salvation!

Intent as tool: engage each fear I have by crushing a malevolence that maps to it and sits within. In transforming it benign the fear; the problem will go away!

Another psychological tool to ACTUALLY do the above is: "La Hayy"

Which means: "there are no idols that exist" and "only my Lord exits"
Implied: Each fear is a daemon; an idol.
He who is ONE and who is Ultimately REAL, I shall refer back to Him!
thus to what I know to be REAL [if secular] or to God as being [if you believe]

In referring back thus the fear or idol is destroyed each time you remember.

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