Monday, January 25, 2010

To connect with people in society

And what are investments?
They are emotional or other kind of memory,
that DRAG us down.

Everybody has good to them and bad to them;
but the bad is something that keeps them weak;
so it is unsustainable
and subject to change;
for eventually suffering because of it; they change it,
when they find a way!
[thus it is metaphorically an illusion]
The good everybody possess
is not subject to change;
for being beneficial to others
they protect it, by protecting you because of it
and so it stays with you forever.
[thus it is Real]
When we meet somebody,
we may push buttons, that
bring out the bad in them;
or brings out goodness; so we connect with them.
But for us to be ABLE to connect
with them through the good
we first have to deal with the investments we've made,
so we SEE clearly WHAT it is THEY posses;
that IS benign & good in them,
that which is REAL.
And so,
because I have very little investments left;
so I am begining to SEE
the [potent] benign in EVERYBODY
God there is just such tremendous good in EVERYBODY that ought to be recognized!
and they deserve for it to be recognized
always SOMETHING about every body;
and often MANY things!

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