Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The story of Karbala

The battle of Karbala,
within its intent lies its beauty.

The khalif Yazid was a man,
who was corrupt and thus not bound by the dictates of principles,
instilling these corrupt values into his rule
he desired whatever he willed onto whoever he willed.

He was not free of desire, indeed blinded by it
he did not know of the power of God's men,
those whose actions mirror truth,
whose hearts speak to them of beauty, love, fidelity and other good,
taking those who heed it into God's Grace and into peace.

For the heart rejects misery, depravity, greed, etc.
guiding us helping us find a way out.

Imam Hussain(AS) was a freeman,
who was gifted with such enormous strength,
he could carry out His will,
at odds to an emperor; his entire army.

He fought a battle of freedom,
for men and women who,
under the fist of a tyrannical & whimsical ruler,
subjected to a king's oppression;
who in his vanity and ignorance
did not realize God's principles are always at work;
and he did not believe!

The Imam (AS) showed the Khalif,
and set example till time eternal,
of strength freemen posses,
to de-throne kings,
if the king dare oppress;

And thus propriety and certainty
brought them to the land Karbala,
where they offered a sacrifice of martyrdom, unto their Lord!

Alas in Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions,
were witnessed the highest free men & women,
who having offered martyrdom,
compensated through their lives,
society for the kings tyranny

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