Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's the point of it all; where's the end?

You, yourself are not the means to an end,
but yourself ARE the end sought;
so He is Lateef,
He has made you to explore, so you relish!
so explore your OWN beauty; the pool of it
hath limited only by time; the hour appointed
so He will MATCH each effort,
Nay He matches with more than you fathom,
such is His Grace,
and the beauty of what He created!


  1. I like the underlying message, but im kind of lost on how you have used the two words, hath and nay.

    I am ofcourse, speaking purely based on my literature background and breaking it down into its historical usage, literally, and hence am unable to smoothly fit it into your context of use. Do please feel free to elaborate and correct me if Im wrong in interpretting it :)

  2. hath=is
    nay= but no [actually what's happening is even better]...

  3. Aha... ok... that makes sense now

    cos otherwise hath = have and nay = no like in denying :D