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How to make sense of the universe in terms of energy

I have tried to extend my understanding of energy to understand and relate all the phenomena I know.

Energy is of different kinds and can exhibit at different levels. I call these ‘kinds’ differing frequencies.

Now we operate at different frequencies at different times - for example:
1. Each mood represents a different frequency
2. When we do something brave we have a different frequency
3. When we cheat somebody or think ill of somebody we have a different frequency
4. When we work hard we have a different frequency
5. When we are lazy we have a different frequency

And these frequencies may exhibit themselves at different levels, such as:
1. Such is the case when we work hard vs. when we give it everything we’ve got
2. When we like somebody vs. when we are in love
3. When we are hesitant vs. when we have a phobia
4. When we have an interest in something vs. when we are passionate about it

The combination of a frequency and its level make a unique state I will call an energy signature. Thus at any given time we have a specific energy signature.

Just like a person has an energy signature everything he or she creates also has an energy signature.

Inanimate objects too have an energy signature:
1. The Grand Canyon [has a unique affect as do the following two]
2. The moon light and the night or;
3. the sun light and the day.

Every energy signature can be put into one of two categories. Everything we call good has an energy signature that has a common pattern to it. In its purest form this is captured by the word “Holy”. Everything evil also has an energy signature that has a pattern to it and in its purest form this is captured by the word “Evil”.

The energy signature of HOLY is more powerful than the energy signature of EVIL because the former creates a harmony and the latter some form of disturbance. The fact that the former creates harmony shows that it is closer to reality. And its power comes from its relationship with reality, that it harmonizes us with it. Anything Evil on the other hand is by its nature destructive [of us and others] and creates contradictions.

We can DEVELOP a particular energy signature through:
1. Conversations
2. Meditation
3. Prayer
4. Reading and Writing
5. Helping others vs. hurting or harming them
6. The kind of work we choose to do

Take a conversation for example. In any conversation a person can maneuver it and create an energy signature [of the group] using their speech and by deciding when to keep silent. You can practice to maneuver energy signatures in conversations you have even if the meet up is brief.

Prayers and any ritual meant for God have an influence on us. The purer our intention in the dedication to God [of our prayer] the more powerful the impact on our frequency and energy level.

We can do works of evil and they too influence our frequency and energy level.

Thus I think power too can be understood as the ability to maintain and maneuver energy signatures into that which we want.

Interestingly energy signatures we interact with have the power to impact us just as we have the power to impact them. In fact every interaction can be understood in these terms of an interaction of energy. Every time we enter a one on one conversation with another person there is a play of energies. This may form a reinforcing spiral of energy if both people have the same energy type [holy or evil]; thus they will resonate with each other. We feel stronger when our meeting creates a reinforcing spiral and awkward or uncomfortable when our energies negate each other.

Mother Nature has a holy energy signature. That is why we enjoy a Safari or witnessing the Niagara Falls. In fact when we interact with Mother Nature our energy signatures are influenced and change.

Movies, people and books can influence us in the same way.

The Universe understood in terms of energy:
The source of energy is God. So when we go towards HIM we get godly energy and when we move away from HIM [we lose harmony with reality – because HE has created reality and thus] we feel a disturbance. This disturbance has a frequency of its own.

Everything in the universe is energy in some form and as already has been said there is godly or HOLY energy and satanic or EVIL energy [where the latter is a disturbance that owes to a separation from reality].

As we interact with the world we resonate with different energy signatures. To become powerful we need to work out of contradictions and thus we must dissociate from EVIL. True power is godly power and all of us have felt this kind of power [It's the kind that makes us feel good when we resonate with it]. We should thus choose to resonate with such energy around us, all the time, because the more we do the easier it will be differentiating [by detecting energy signatures] between what is good for us and what is bad for us.

By practicing this we become good at maintaining holy and even negating evil energy. Thus we achieve power.

Other implications of this understanding of energy
If we are searching for a moment that reminds us of a fond memory then we are searching for a specific energy signature.


  1. Very true and I can feel the positive energy of your post, Faraz.

  2. Your post brings recognition. I am startled happily by your use of the term "energy signature" and your understanding of harmony, Holy and relating to God or the Divine. I am stunned - wondering where you came up with all of this - upon first quick reading. As soon as I get more time I want very much to reflect on this harmonizing and guiding post as well as the others. If you live anything like the way your speak, everyone else must be catching your light and energy? :)

    Thank You!

  3. Here's a leap in the dark - or a theoretical guess that the current blog about ENERGY and ENERGY SIGNATURE might also relate to some Comments made under the WILL POWER post?

    Perhaps finding the balance and true COMPOSURE you mentioned then has lots to do with "stewardship" of ENERGY and spiritual discernment?

    How might the right "diagnoses" be made leading to more detachment and greater balance where needed?

    Discerning where we are imbalanced or need detachment may be helped (in part) by looking at our energy type and level - yet not in every case (ie, illness not easily linked to our own poor choice, personality type, handicaps, unusual situations not caused by our own doing, "dark night of the soul" we surmise or guess may be necessary for spiritual growth, even allowed at times by God, etc.)

    When there are not unusual factors - your comment to mine helps a lot: humility "may have a flaw just like being arrogant has a flaw. The former being a kind of spiritual arrogance...The lesson here [that I understood] was that it is important to "remain balanced at all times..." (and you added later...)"But to come back to detachment I think we must actively [and consciously] detach ourselves from situations that become overwhelming and that could be potentially harmful to us....with these cases I do feel detachment is a very important option [if only to give us the space to come back later]." (MY comment: could we substitute the word ENERGY here for "space" ?)

    YES, Faraz. How logical for you to point out what I have missed earlier: ie, that genuine composure or lack of it will help show us that our balance is A-ok or that something is missing or needed.

    There's so much else in your last few posts to study, reflect upon and apply...I will just have to keep coming back :) Thank You, again, for your uncanny and healthy wisdom.


    A)Yes. Will power is energy and just like there can be energy signatures of all kinds, there can be WILL to do good or to do bad.
    Q)Perhaps finding COMPOSURE has to do with "stewardship" of ENERGY and spiritual discernment?

    A)Absolutely. It's all about maintaining and evolving the correct energy signature!
    Our life then is not [I think] to be engaged in terms of any continum of moments but to be dealt with depth wise, with 'a' moment [i.e. living life is a qualitative experience it's not a quantative experience].

    A relationship with the moment is captured by the energy signature [in that moment]. Therefore stewardship of energy signature leading to a well lived moment would mean a life well lived, vs a life lost to a fancy of some kind.
    Q)How might the right "diagnoses" be made leading to more detachment and greater balance where needed?

    A)I think all we need to do is to identify the most Powerful energy signature we have ever experienced and try to re-live it. If the moment requires that we detach, so be it; if we must attach, then so be it.
    Q)"But to come back to detachment I think we must actively [and consciously] detach ourselves from situations that become overwhelming and that could be
    potentially harmful to us....with these cases I do feel detachment is a very important option [if only to give us the space to come back later]." (MY comment: could we substitute the word ENERGY here for "space" ?)

    A)Yes, I think if we develop the ability to come back to the same situation and maintain the best energy signtature, then in so doing one will make the appropriate response to the situation - otherwise the energy signature will start to get compromised
    Q)YES, Faraz. How logical for you to point out what I have missed earlier: ie, that genuine composure or lack of it will help show us that our balance is
    A-ok or that something is missing or needed.

    A)Absolutely, as elaborated above this is what I think.

  5. I've been up all my night trying to make sense out of the events of yesterday and I keep coming back to your posts, comments and answers, Faraz, which give me strong reassurance of God alive in this world still. Two most immediate applications strike me from this, your latest comment: A) that our goal for our most effective energy signature is not continuum of moments or quantity yet depth of the one moment and B) perhaps you are implying that we are not imprisoned only in the present yet can seek to remember our energy signature where we were at our optimum. Then, we can use our optimum energy signature as substance and standard for co-creation. Thus, we can combine the best within ourselves along with a bit of the best the universe and the divine has to offer. Out of this process something new will emerge which is yet a part of previous best moments. Am I stretching what you are offering a little too much?

  6. May I also suggest that perhaps the oft excruciating hours, days and months of waiting for this "something new" to emerge can become our best school for sterling longevity for future faith, disciplined yet wisely malleable character, growth of empathy, compassion and ACTUAL love that can include yet be deeper and more substantial then feeling alone?

    Please correct and revise anything I have surmised - as in my comments as you are my mentor on these topics.

  7. I follow you up un-till "...for co-creation. "

    the point being that intellectually if we are able to bring ourselves to focus on the best 'energy signature' [using our heart as a sensor] what is created from that point on is not up to us any more.

    And this is what I understand is meant by submitting to God.

  8. I said on ReeBz post in comment yesterday about your posts that they "helped me through a tough night of helplessly scouring worrisome news over and over to come resoundingly back to what is deeper and beyond mere current events and once again to put my feet on solid ground."

    Now I like your last comments especially well and concur you have said what I was reaching and trying to say but could not. In fact, you brought me back to my deepest best place of faith which is exactly as you say, that once our deliberate conscious work is taken over by God, we are no longer in control of the outcome. I do agree that this is what is meant by submitting to God! Simply yet beautifully put.


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