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Video: A short cut to higher consciousness

To understand the benefits read the post titled: "A function of poetry and a view of the 7th valley in the tale of the seh-morgh".

Clearly the strength one can derive from Love, by reciprocating it, is priceless and even Oxygen for a person who wants to make this journey of 'waking up'.

An important point to remember though is that: The true nature of everything on this planet even the Pharaoh is Goodness, Purity and Love. The only reason its not there where its not is because in this case the Pharaoh continued in his state of disturbance by suppressing his Consciousness. [This is the miracle of CREATION and a miracle of HUMAN NATURE.]

The good news is that: The process of reaching a higher state of consciousness can be troubling while it happens. But onces its reached the disturbance goes [because you correct yourself] and you become powerful and at the same time more at peace.

Interestingly after achieving a higher state of consciousness you will not be able to do certain things [that are harmful] because it will require such a heavy toll on you that you will have no choice but to avoid it.

There is in reality no choice for us but to constantly up our state of consciousness and after a while it doesn't seem that scary either.

An easier less violent way to look at this process may simply be to think of entering a 'state of wonder' and enjoy the excitement associated with it only to come out. And then to re-enter again and again.

"Awe is the salve that will heal our eyes."
Mevlana Rumi (1207 - 1273)
Source: Essential Rumi, Page: 65

1. The key: Intent connects each moment in time as a string a necklace of beads.
2. The key interpreted: in each moment you must maintain the same level of consciousness. Whenever you go against your conscience you will again feel disturbed.


  1. I find this video quite user friendly and practical with the killing of people in work for cigarettes very apropos...for years in our town there was a large company that produced both cigarette paper and Bible paper...somehow there may be an invisible blocking of the healing whenever there is such compromise between the spiritual and the destructive greed...which is partly why so much of evangelism is corrupted because numbers, marketing, superficial "sign=ons" are so readily the focus...same time we must be aware that nothing in life is perfect and before we begin to judge others, we must be aware that all of our lives on this earth are tainted and the best we can hope is to be personally accountable before the One God of our best honest understanding...

    Before this God we do stand in Awe and this Awe is the healing your quote...

    I am constantly also aware these days of Safi Wise One saying recently that as we get to know Him we learn what He likes and doesn't like...

    Bless you on your journey to wholeness and truth, dear nephew and younger Bhai yet so mature in intention.


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