Thursday, April 23, 2009

What to do and how to get things done

What to do
Seek the best in what you see [in your journey through life]

How to get things done
1.Don’t take anything [people, life] personally
a.By not allowing anything to manipulate you through your ego [See post: Becoming free of ego to find happiness]
b.Take the “emotion” out of things

2.[Through thinking] break every issue down to its smallest parts [so that you understand it clearly] - you can use a "word document" or a "paper and a pencil" to put your thoughts down in bullet points

3.Realize that you now have a “structure” to your issue

4.To get to the solution “complete the structure” you have made – build the solution “step by step”

5.Try each time you fail in order to “discover gaps in the structure you had not identified earlier” [See the post: Secret to determination]

6.Be patient till your structure completes

7.You will have found a solution

Quote from the movie Revolver: "There is no such thing as problems Mr.Green. Only situations."

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