Monday, April 27, 2009

How Modernity afflicts many of us

The current age exposes us to a plethora of ideas through school, university, news and the media, movies, books, the internet and through other people who have been exposed to these ideas. Unfortunately it is hard for anybody to assimilate all the ideas they are exposed to.

People who have assimilated these ideas are able to find ‘relationships’ amongst these different ideas and therefore live in a “uni”-verse and not in a “multi”-verse.

[See the post Compartmentalization for a more detailed description of the "multi"-verse and see the post De-compartmentalization to understand an approach to "relate" things with each other to discover the "uni"-verse]

Many of us are exposed to ideas but have not been able to achieve this “assimilation”.

I think modernity afflicts us by creating a certain state of mind. This state of mind is best described as one where “nothing makes enough sense and almost everything seems overwhelming”.

I have felt much like floating in mid-air.

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