Monday, April 13, 2009

The art of communication

1. People are interested in what “they want” [which may not at all be what they need]
2. They are not interested in what “they don’t want”
3. They have short attention spans when they are engaged with something they “don’t want”
4. To communicate to people you have to address them through their “wants”
5. In any act of communication you will have a specific goal
6. The first step is to understand this goal clearly
7. The next step is to understand the connection between this goal and the “other’s” wants
8. If you can verbalize [example by writing down on a piece of paper] this “connection” you will have come up with a “pitch”
9. If you can come up with a good pitch you will be able to show the “other person” that your goal is in his interest

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