Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How we can simplify our lives

We can simplify issues in our surroundings by addressing our “doubts”. There are two ways to address doubts:

First method to addressing doubts :

Removing doubts: This happens by gaining the knowledge that is the basis on which the “doubt is removed”.


Doubt: Can I ever pass the logic test [a specific test –for example from a particular book]?

Simplification: Give the test and find out. If you don’t pass the test identify the skills or knowledge set that need to be acquired to pass the test. Repeat the test and re-evaluate. Repeat the entire cycle till you pass the test.

When you do pass the test you will have:
a. Removed the doubt
b. Gained the knowledge or skill set required

Second method to addressing doubts:

De-sensitize yourself to the doubt: This happens by making oneself feel that the doubt has no basis. But this is only a “feeling” and has no basis in knowledge.


Doubt: Why do I have such a bad relationship with person X?
De-sensitizing: I don’t care about person X. It doesn’t matter whether I am on good terms with him or bad. Why should I bother?

Note: If the above doubt was to be simplified one possible method is given below.

Simplification: Person X has issues A,B and C because of which he is on bad terms with me. I have issues D,E and F which also complicate the relationship. I can address issues D,E and F and have addressed them. However the relationship has still not improved because person X still has issues A,B and C. I am not able to make person X solve issues A,B and C and I should develop the skills to do so. Until I am able to develop the skills to help person X address issues A,B and C our relationship will be at an impasse.

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