Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Work De-mystified

I have been giving some serious thought to the idea of the ideal job. People have said: “Do what you love and it will never feel like work”.

There are two things I concluded from this:
1. I have to find something I love
2.Something we don't like to do is work and when we're forced to do it, it’s Hard Work

Now “love” as I best understand it is what the ‘parwana’ [firefly?] feels for the brilliant flame. It circles it and eventually [I think] dives into it.

If that’s what ‘love’ is, I clearly don’t love anything!

However, there are things I ‘like’ doing. In fact there are a lot of things I like doing. If I were to start listing them it would probably stretch from ‘flying a kite’ to ‘going on a journey on a ship’.

So from where I stand, it seems to me the approach to that ideal job is really to: “make a list, prioritize and go for what gives you most utility’.

And this utility is in whatever form that works for you [fun, money, respect, etc]

Work then is just this – a new definition: “Time is a limited resource, the economics of it would suggest we utilize it for those tasks from our ‘list’ that give us most utility. Whatever we choose to do is work”.

And that’s it. Since I don’t ‘love’ anything this is the only route to work.

This probably is work broken down to its barest form!

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