Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why we might not give our job a 100%

Current times have provided us with a lot of choice. The effect that this choice has on us is the following:

1. Paralysis: There is so much to work out.
2. Opportunity Cost: Whatever we choose gives us a certain satisfaction. However, choice reduces this satisfaction by the amount of opportunity cost we have to contend with. [The more things you are not doing the more unsatisfied you are by letting go of those choices]
3. Expectation: Since you have now zeroed in on this particular choice, you expect a lot from it
4. Blame: When you don’t get what you expected you blame yourself.
[These points are from "TED Talks"]

This applies very much in the case of ‘finding a job’ as well.

Even if for one moment we were to assume it is impossible for us to find the ‘ideal job’ i.e. the job that is a ‘talent fit’ for us, one would still have to decide between the large number of possible jobs he ‘likes’.

In the end two things will happen:
1. You will either expect a lot from your job; or
2. You will not take your job seriously because you will have the feeling that the good job is just ‘around the corner’

Maybe one should just reduce his/her expectations from their job?


  1. Or maybe they should keep their expectations harbored within, so that when/if possible, they can bring their expectations to reality themselves? If they resign to lower standards than their expectations, they can never create anything worthwhile. Ideals shouldn't be abandoned. But I guess that's another topic. The last two points you mentioned are in fact exactly what have happened to me at my job.

  2. As they say: Hope for the best and expect the worst.