Friday, June 12, 2009

The duality within us

I have discovered the duality within me and identify it clearly as the “Adult” and the “Child”.

The “child” within me has the following character:
1. Wants to work hard but wants somebody to tell it what to do
2. Wants to love but wants somebody else to love back
3. Does not want to face aggressive people and tough situations and always wants to maintain the good side with people
4. Wants to be with girls but is shy to go to them
5. Wants everybody to be happy
6. Wants to cry when he is sad and wants somebody to console him [preferably that girl]

The “adult” within me has the following character – in one word a “mentor”:
1. Has seen the world and can guide the child telling him what “home work” to do
2. Knows who to [emotionally] protect the child from and tells the child who he can trust
3. Has been in tough/awkward situations often and is not fazed by it. He knows he has to face it and chooses between fight and flight very conveniently.
4. Knows how to approach girls perhaps bringing it down to a game. [My “adult” side lacks experience severely overwhelmed by the “child”]
5. Knows that in the real world there is a lot of misery and injustice that one can do nothing about and tries to put the child at ease by 'explaining' this to him. He also tells the child that one day the child maybe able to do something about it.
6. Is tough. Doesn't cry. Thinks it’s childish! But consoles the child.

If the adult was to play its part when needed and the child its part there would be perfect harmony.

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